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Pete Keeley

Copy Chief

E3: Who Won This Year’s Showcase Showdown?

All the big pre-E3 media events are done, and the doors open in just over an hour. Which booths are we going to go to first?

Opinion: ABC Deserves Zero Points for ‘Roseanne’ Cancellation

The willful blindness that afflicted execs at ABC and in entertainment media over the past year means there are no heroes in this whole affair.

‘Barry’ Finale: Bill Hader, Alec Berg on That Shocking End and What’s Next

Berg also gives his thoughts on his other HBO series, 'Silicon Valley,' going past the upcoming sixth season.

Defend Your Favorite Bad Video Game Movie

For every critic who hates them, there's a movie fan who will swear it's good.

Does ‘It’ Stand Up to Scrutiny on Second Viewing?

'It' is so nice that it's worth seeing twice, but when viewers are ready for the relentless terror, certain flaws become more glaring.

Does the ‘It’ Trailer Get Stephen King Right??

From the lack of gore to the creepy scares, it's time to discuss the latest look at the Stephen King adaptation.