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How a Hollywood Executive Went From ‘Breaking Bad’ to Baking Bread

When onetime Sony marketing president Bob Oswaks was laid off at age 50, Norman Lear told him: "Sometimes life is about changing things up." Now he runs Bob's Well Bread Bakery in Los Alamos.

L.A. Chefs Jon and Vinny Spicing Up Delta’s Business Class: “Strong Likelihood of Meatballs”

Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo plan on enlivening the menu with fresh ingredients: "First-class food is often too fancy, too precious. People just want delicious food they can connect with."

L.A. City Attorney Reaches First Plea Deal in Casting Workshop Scam

The owner of Actors Alley accepts his sentence — which could bring 10 days in jail — and agrees to steer clear of casting workshops for three years.

Which of L.A.’s Top Sushi Restaurants Mislabel More Than Half Their Fish

THR tested samples of five common fish species from eight highly rated spots (including Sugarfish, Hamasaku and Katsuya) and found that 60 percent of specimens didn't match what was listed on the menu.

With Huge LAX Terminal Move Looming, Delta Offers Pop-Up Spas and Comfort Dogs

With the biggest terminal move in LAX history beginning in the early hours of May 13, Delta and the airport authority will be hosting free pop-up spas for the week, as well as a fleet of comfort dogs.

A Complete Guide to the Biggest Terminal Move in LAX History

With TV Upfronts and Cannes looming, 16 airlines are moving terminals between May 12 and 17. Here's what you need to know so you don't miss your flight.

New York and New Yorker Editors on Surviving and Thriving in the Age of Trump

"He's taken a permanent residence in my head," says Adam Moss as he and David Remnick reveal how they maintain their sanity (and build their brands) with an unprecedented and unpredictable figure in the White House.

First Class Face-Off: The Hollywood Reporter Flies the L.A.-NYC Corridor Four Times for 36 Hours Straight

Pass the organic ice cream and Baileys! An intrepid THR editor tests the ultra-luxe services of American, Delta, JetBlue and United, breezing through security, munching on parsnip mousse and cocooning in a pod at 30,000 feet.

A Day Outside Trump’s Palos Verdes Golf Club: Urine, Lipstick, Middle Fingers

Amid the national demonstrations is a quieter resistance movement as visitors trek to the president's Southern California links to take protest selfies and scribble "puto" in lipstick graffiti.

Creative Until You Die: 10 Hollywood Legends, 90 and Older, Who Refuse to Quit

In an industry rife with ageism, don't ask these luminaries — from Betty White to Don Rickles, Dick Van Dyke to Jerry Lewis, all of them still artistically active in the industry (and photographed here exclusively for THR) — if they want to retire. Says Cloris Leachman, "F— you."

Election Aftermath: Are Trump Tower Residents Fleeing?

The president-elect doesn’t want to leave the building but it appears more tenants are joining the exodus as an analysis reveals that nearly 15 percent of the units are for sale or rent — and prices are falling.

Robin Williams’ Bike Collection Raises $600,000 for Charity

After the auction triples expected sales, details emerge about the bikes that netted the most bids and the highest prices.