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Facing Recall, Gavin Newsom Calls on Hollywood Dems: Help!

With ballots already mailed to voters in California deciding whether to oust Gov. Gavin Newsom in a Sept. 14 recall election, the embattled governor is pulling out all the stops, leaning on supporters in the entertainment industry to help raise money and rally followers to reject the recall effort. Since he was elected governor in […]

Who Will Hollywood Back for Next Los Angeles Mayor?

With Eric Garcetti expected to land a new role as U.S. ambassador to India, he’ll leave behind a checkered legacy as Los Angeles’ 42nd mayor. While the city’s decades-long homeless problem didn’t start on his watch, it did balloon into an out-of-control humanitarian crisis during his eight-year term. Yet Hollywood will lose an advocate who […]

Why Caitlyn Jenner’s Bid to Replace Gov. Gavin Newsom Can’t Count on Hollywood

The candidacy to replace California Gov. Gavin Newsom faces several hurdles — including the fact that industry donors aren’t likely to look favorably on efforts to fund-raise from Trump’s base.

Will Hollywood Still Back the Scandal-Plagued Lincoln Project?

As the political action committee (to which David Geffen donated $500K) reels, an in-the-works documentary could benefit from the drama surrounding the viral ad maker.

International Medical Corps, Producer of New Documentary ‘War & Grace,’ Brings Relief Efforts to L.A.

The humanitarian aid organization, which provides emergency medical services across the globe and counts Sienna Miller as an ambassador, is now helping fight COVID in California

L.A. Anti-Mask Group Vows More Actions: “It’s Like a Flash Mob”

As COVID-19 cases spike to new heights in L.A., protesters continue harassing businesses across the city. 

Why Hollywood Isn’t Lobbying Hard for COVID-19 Vaccines

The entertainment industry is not pushing for priority access, even as some wealthy individuals may try to jump to the front of the line.

Netflix Chief Reed Hastings’ Wife, Patricia Quillin, Was a Quiet Force in the 2020 Election in California

Patricia Quillin, wife of Reed  Hastings, quietly spent millions on races on the 2020  ballot: She’s not "wary of being too political." 

Common and Producer Scott Budnick Zoom “Hope and Inspiration” for Incarcerated Individuals

On a group call with 130,000 California prisoners in their cells, Common and producer Scott Budnick shared information on COVID-19 and "let them know that they're not forgotten.”

Hollywood’s High-Flying Luxury Real Estate Brokers Find Themselves Grounded

With new listings in L.A. down almost 30 percent and a recent ban on in-person showings, the city's top real estate agents have few tools left to ply their craft. But don't expect that to slow down the most restless of the bunch who are turning to Instagram to get them through the pandemic.

How to Add an Extra Roof to the L.A. Dream House (Without a Permitting Nightmare)

L.A.'s West Adams is an ideal neighborhood for homeowners to consider building a more affordable accessory dwelling unit, aka a granny flat, next to a single-family home.

First Look: Luxury Apartment Tower Takes Shape in L.A.’s Historic West Adams

Hollywood is discovering one of Los Angeles' oldest neighborhoods, where major projects will join the area’s historic Craftsmans and Victorians as chef Travis Lett departs Venice's Gjelina, Gjusta and MTN to reopen the Johnny's Pastrami on West Adams Boulevard.