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T.L. Stanley brings her insider attitude to awards season.


Commentary: Forecast calls for high chance of lows

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An interactive guide of European film commissions.

Television tussle

Cable networks are making their biggest push yet into fall primetime.

3-D cinema

The scramble to convert theaters to the new format is on.

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North Rhine-Westphalia is Germany's true media capital.

An Evening With…

"Secret Life of Bees" stars Queen Latifah and Dakota Fanning.

Made in Europe

Interactive map showing film commissions and production incentives.

Gold Rush blog

EMMYS: T.L. Stanley surveys the winners and losers.

Film Review: Burn After Reading

The Venice International Film Festival opens with the latest Coen brothers movie.

Film Review: Black Sea

A clash of cultures and generations gives way to understanding and friendship in Federico Bondi's touching "Black Sea."

Review: Gemini Division

If there could possibly be a pitfall to landing top-shelf talent to star in a webisode, Rosario Dawson reveals the problem in "Gemini Division," from Electric Farm Entertainment, NBC Universal Digital Studio and Sony Pictures Television.