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Ho Ho Hollywood! Tinseltown’s 35 Best Christmas-Themed Movies

The holidays just wouldn't be the same without Rudolph, Ralphie and the Grinch. THR looks back at the films that define Dec. 25, from 'A Christmas Story' to 'Elf' to 'Die Hard' (really!) and the Kristen Stewart rom-com 'Happiest Season.'

‘Made for Love’ EPs on Creating a Heartfelt Story Told to a Sex Doll

In the seventh episode of the HBO Max sci-fi comedy, Hazel (Cristin Milioti) is telling her dad’s sex doll, Diane, about an experience she had with her husband, tech mogul Byron (Billy Magnussen). As we see in a flashback, she asked Byron to take her outside their simulation cube (aka the HUB), in which she’d […]

‘Ted Lasso’: How Marcus Mumford and Tom Howe Created the Show’s Transatlantic Theme Song and Score

The collaboration between Marcus Mumford and Tom Howe on the theme song and score for Ted Lasso began when star Jason Sudeikis left Mumford “the world’s longest voice note” — something Sudeikis apparently is famous for doing. He asked his good friend (and lead vocalist of Mumford & Sons) whether he’d be interested in teaming […]

Selena Gomez Says ‘Selena + Chef’ Gives Viewers Chance to Learn Culinary Skills Alongside Her

The pop singer and actress cooked up her HBO Max show (shot remotely) during quarantine

‘Solos’ Creator David Weil on How the Amazon Series Went From Script to Screen

There was nowhere for them to hide as actors, it’s them uninterrupted for 30 minutes straight,” says Solos creator David Weil of Amazon’s seven-part sci-fi anthology series, in which each episode features just one actor — among them Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway, Uzo Aduba and Anthony Mackie — performing what is essentially a […]

How Simon Godwin Directed ‘Romeo & Juliet’ Hybrid Adaptation After COVID-19 Broadway Shutdown

Simon Godwin was preparing a stage adaptation of Romeo & Juliet at the National Theatre when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, shuttering theaters and putting the show’s future into question. To salvage the project, the director was tasked with transforming the play, starring Josh O’Connor and Jessie Buckley, into a film — his first ever. The […]

‘In & of Itself’: Derek DelGaudio Explains Why He Created a Filmed Version of His Conceptual Magic Show

Beginning in 2017, the stage version of Derek DelGaudio’s In & Of Itself ran for 72 weeks at the Daryl Roth Theatre in New York. But for the many who didn’t get to catch the conceptual magic show, DelGaudio and director Frank Oz created a filmed version that was released on Hulu in January. Amid […]

Emmys: Why the Limited and Anthology Series Category Is the Most Cut-Throat

There is no other race as packed with critically acclaimed programs and performances, and unlike the drama and comedy groups (which take eight nominees), only five will make the cut.

‘Hacks,’ ‘PEN15’ and ‘Girls5Eva’ Writers Reveal How They Crafted Their Funniest Jokes

A drunken conversation in a casino about bisexuality? Two best friends who are convinced they’re witches? A musical based on Jim Carrey’s oeuvre? Where do these ideas come from? The minds behind these TV shows let us in.

Emmys: 20 Supporting TV Actors on Their Characters, Pandemic Splurges and What They Miss From Set Life

NAOMI ACKIE (Master of None, Netflix) Best note from my showrunner/director Aziz [Ansari] once told me “making a show is like jazz.” I’ll never forget that. There was a flexibility and willingness to change things around that made it a super creative environment to work in. What I missed about being on set Having a routine. […]

‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ Choreographer and DP Reveal How They Made 130 Musical Numbers

At the core of NBC’s Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist are the “heart songs,” which reveal a character’s inner emotions — and can be seen and heard only by Zoey (Jane Levy). For two seasons, these ambitious musical performances have been brought to life by the actors under the guidance of a tireless team that includes choreographer […]

From ‘Bridgerton’ to ‘Ted Lasso’: The New Shows Vying for Emmy Attention as the Season Kicks Off

Of the eight comedy series nominated for Emmys in 2020, seven (including winner Schitt’s Creek) are not eligible this year. As for the drama category, there’s more overlap with heavyweights like The Crown and The Handmaid’s Tale back in contention, but the 2020 winner Succession and other favorites like Killing Eve are absent. So there’s […]