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Rob Tannenbaum

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James Corden on Grammy-Hosting Plans, Trump and Being the Lowest-Paid Host on Late-Night TV

If Kanye West interrupts anyone during the Grammy Awards: "I’ll take him down. He will hit the floor quicker than he has ever known."

Why George Michael Turned His Back on Fame, and the “Faith”-like Songs He Recorded Before His Death

After an 18-month rehab stint, Michael had been looking to release new songs that were "totally pop" along the lines of his smash 1987 LP.

Simon Cowell on Why ‘America’s Got Talent’ Beats ‘Idol,’ the Downside of “Way Too Many Reality Shows”

As the former 'American Idol' judge returns to TV following a 30-month hiatus, he reveals the key to staying on air and what works about 'The Voice.'

‘Childrens Hospital’ on Rails: What Happens When a Comedian, Producer and Journalist All Board a Train in NYC

Every year Rob Corddry and Jonathan Stern have turned a cross-country Amtrak ride into a mobile writers room, replete with jokes only "reprehensible douchebags" could make.

Louisiana Promoter Cheats Fans by Hiring R. Kelly ‘Imposter’? The Real R. Kelly Responds

Billed as "The Black Panties Promo Party," video from the Oct. 26 event shows a brief performance by a singer billed as R. Kelly, with snippets of three songs and a poem, lasting about 10 minutes.