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Daniel Dae Kim Says He Unnerves Some When Boarding a Plane Thanks to ‘Lost’

Daniel Dae Kim on Thursday dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where he shared a highly entertaining anecdote about how he unsettles some passengers whenever he boards a plane, thanks to…

Jimmy Kimmel Lambastes “Ignorant A-Hole” Caitlyn Jenner Over Hangar, Homeless Comments

Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night lit into Caitlyn Jenner after the California gubernatorial candidate granted her first interview to Fox News, where she offered comments criticized as being, at…

Orson Welles Had (Inadvertent) Help From Winston Churchill Financing a Film

Orson Welles once had help financing a film thanks to Winston Churchill. The legendary filmmaker (and masterful raconteur), who was born this day in 1915, recounted the wild and hilarious tale to

Pete Davidson Reveals Reason for His Tattoo Removals

Pete Davidson on Tuesday visited Late Night With Seth Meyers, where he discussed why he is getting several of his tattoos removed. The comic-actor is known for being covered in art. However, he…

Vince Vaughn Shares Hilarious Take on Kids’ Sports

Vince Vaughn on Monday dropped by The Tonight Show and shared some thoughts with Jimmy Fallon about parents taking their children to weekend sports activities. The actor said he was thrilled…

Star Wars Day: Treasure Trove of New Collectables Released

'The Bad Batch' dropped on Disney+ Tuesday and with it, several new toys.

Twitter Spaces Launches Clubhouse-Like Feature Worldwide

Along with the feature rolling out to a lion's share of users, the social media company announced new features for the live chat option, such as monetization.

‘Simpsons’ Legendary Writer John Swartzwelder Discusses Darkest Episode in First Major Interview

"I’m certainly pleased that people still like the episodes I did. I would say that all the praise makes me humble, but, of course, praise does the exact opposite," says the famously reclusive…

Orson Welles Did Not Think ‘Citizen Kane’ Was the Greatest Film of All Time

The classic picture, which premiered 80 years ago Saturday, is back in the news due to Rotten Tomatoes.

Hugh Jackman Shares ‘Deadpool 3’ Advice to Ryan Reynolds

A fan of both the actors gave his suggestion when he bumped into the 'X-Men' star on the street.

Danny Elfman Explains His Displeasure Over How ‘Batman’ Used His Score

"I could have scored the film with some percussion, a harmonica and a banjo because all you hear are some percussion hits in big moments, but you can't really hear what the orchestra is doing," says…

Dodger Stadium Vaccine Super Site to Close in May

As of Friday, nearly 50 percent of eligible Los Angeles County residents have received at least one dose and 30 percent are fully vaccinated.