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Schuyler Moore

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Frans Afman (1933-2011)

TRIBUTE: The banker who changed Cannes and revolutionized indie film.


So how will the foibles that are roiling the economy affect the entertainment biz? While I don't have a crystal ball, I am willing to make a few predictions:

Commentary: Forecast calls for high chance of lows

The entertainment industry's roller-coaster ride is only beginning during the economic downturn, SCHUYLER MOORE writes.

Viewpoint: SAG should do the new math, and then do a deal

As sag negotiations drag on over the hot-button issue of the calculation of residuals on VOD, it is worth taking a closer look at the recently inked agreements with the DGA and WGA -- especially because the studios are offering SAG the same deal and the actors aren't buying it.

Solution: Base residuals on budgets

Guest column: Attorney SCHUYLER MOORE has a proposal that could potentially resolve the impasse between Hollywood's striking writers and the producers.

The deferred compensation time bomb

When Enron imploded, everything it had done was held suspect, and one of those things was to permit employees to avoid current taxation by deferring compensation to future taxable years.