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Hollywood “Con Queen” Victims React to Arrest, Hope for “Closure”

Hargobind Tahilramani, a 41-year-old Indonesian man and convicted felon, was arrested near downtown Manchester, ending a years-long investigation by agents from the FBI and private investigators from K2 Integrity (formerly K2 Intelligence), a New York-based corporate security firm.

FBI Unseals “Con Queen of Hollywood” Indictment

On Thursday morning the Department of Justice and the F.B.I unsealed a 7-page Grand Jury indictment against Hargobind Tahilramani, the so-called Con Queen of Hollywood, outlining eight federal charges including wire fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud and aggravated identity theft.

“Con Queen of Hollywood” Arrested (Exclusive)

Police in Manchester, England have arrested 41-year-old Hargobind Tahilramani, believed to be responsible for impersonating Hollywood figures including Amy Pascal, Kathleen Kennedy and Wendi Murdoch and scamming would-be creatives out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.



Catherine Burns: The Vanishing of an Oscar-Nominated Actress

After being nominated 50 years ago for her searing supporting role in 'Last Summer,' Catherine Burns disappeared from Hollywood without a trace, leaving her fans and the industry searching for answers. THR investigates one of Oscar’s great mysteries.

Tragedy in an Animation Utopia: Horror, Heartbreak and Mystery After an Arson Massacre

Kyoto Animation was a beloved cornerstone of Japan’s booming $2 billion anime industry when a deranged arsonist attempted to burn it all down, resulting in the country's worst act of mass murder since World War II. In his first in-depth interview since the tragic July attack, the company's founder opens up about his shock, despair and resilience.

‘Resident Evil’ Stunt Performer Drops Injury Lawsuit in L.A.

Attorneys for British stuntwoman Olivia Jackson have dropped a Los Angeles-based lawsuit against the makers of 'Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.'

‘Resident Evil’ Producers Seek Dismissal of Stunt Performer’s Lawsuit Over Injuries

Attorneys for 'Resident Evil: The Final Chapter' director Paul Anderson and his longtime producing partner Jeremy Bolt, along with their respective companies, Tannhauser Gate Inc., and Bolt Pictures Inc., have filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit brought against them by South African stunt performer Olivia Jackson, alleging that Jackson’s American lawyers "are suing the wrong people in the wrong place.”

Death, Injuries and an Amputation: Is ‘Resident Evil’ Hollywood’s Most Dangerous Franchise?

Stuntwoman Olivia Jackson nearly died on the set of 'The Final Chapter.' Her colleague was killed. And over the course of the billion-dollar series, many others have been injured. The Hollywood Reporter investigates what happened — and who might pay for it.

A Year After Wildfires, Can a Hollywood Western Set Rise From the Ashes?

Destroyed in November’s Woolsey blaze, Paramount Ranch's iconic Western town — used over the decades in films and TV series from 'The Love Bug' to 'Westworld' — hopes to rebuild for a "more usable" future.

Milla Jovovich’s ‘Resident Evil’ Stunt Double Speaks Out on Crash That Left Her Partially Paralyzed

For 17 days after a horrific incident left her severely injured and partially paralyzed, stunt performer Olivia Jackson suffered from nightmares and hallucinations while in a medically induced coma.

Former ‘Survivor’ Producer Released From Mexico Prison

Former reality TV producer Bruce Beresford-Redman has been released from a Mexican prison after completing 80 percent of a 12-year sentence for the 2010 murder of his wife, Monica Burgos.