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Scott Timberg

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‘The Artist’: How a Black-and-White Silent Movie Defied the Odds and Became an Oscar Contender

Overcoming years of production hurdles, Michel Hazanavicius' talked-about film captivated festival audiences, earning a major boost from Harvey Weinstein. Now, the film is open to U.S. audiences in…

Making of ‘The Artist’

Everything old is new again: A French director takes a trip back in time and, against all odds, proves that a black-and-white silent movie can make a lot of noise.

How to Make Money in Music in Hard Times

BACKLOT: Big names at ASCAP's sixth annual I Create Music Expo encourage musicians and songwriters to be entrepeneurs, not introverts.

Producer Michael De Luca Says His Heart Is With the Scrappy Independents

The "Social Network" producer also reveals to THR what initially "grabbed" him about the Oscar-nominated Facebook movie.

Producer Mike Medavoy: ‘Black Swan’ Is Darren Aronofsky’s Movie

The legendary producer behind "Shutter Island" and critical fave "Swan," talks to THR about bringing the right people together -- and giving them room to work.

Luther — TV Review

A police procedural with a black British detective in the lead will seem exotic to many American viewers, but "Luther" is -- finally! -- a cop show devoted to the investigation and to the characters…

Hawaii 5-0 — TV Review

In the current version of "Hawaii 5-0," Hawaii means mostly an excuse to show sun glinting in the waves, plentiful babes in bikinis -- we see far more of Grace Park, who plays a surfing police…

The Whole Truth — TV Review

Emotions run high on "The Whole Truth," a legal drama about dueling lawyers who struggle, in the pilot, over a murder and sexual-assault case with possible racist overtones.

Hawaii Five-0 — TV Review

By the time the shooting begins in earnest on "Hawaii Five-0," about halfway through the pilot, the action comes across well-directed, the camerawork crisp, the pace just right. But it took half and…

Chase — TV Review

From the evidence of the pilot, this show lives up to its premise quite squarely: It's a police procedural with a lot of chases, and its lead is thoroughly and consistently hot.

Terriers — TV Review

Like its two hapless leads, "Terriers" is about making the best of things -- and having a few laughs -- in tough times.