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Seth Abramovitch

Senior Writer

Hollywood Flashback: Bela Lugosi Introduced the World to Zombies in 1932

Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, which opened May 14 in theaters and hits Netflix on May 21, owes a tip of the hat — and perhaps the crumbling of a limb — to 1932’s White Zombie, the first…

THR Icon: Quincy Jones Reflects on Career, Michael Jackson and Why He Wouldn’t Work With Elvis

In a screening room in a Bel Air estate, the walls tell the story of American popular music: Framed Frank Sinatra albums hang alongside a 30-times-platinum “Thriller” certification and…

Hollywood Flashback: Marilyn Monroe Posed in a Potato Sack 70 Years Ago

There are several versions of the story behind a series of promotional photos taken in 1951 of Marilyn Monroe wearing a potato sack dress. The best one involves a party at the Beverly Hills Hotel…

Real-Estate Reality Star Fredrik Eklund Sets Up Shop in L.A.

When Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York returns for its ninth season, many changes will be afoot. As the COVID-19 crisis has sent the Manhattan real estate market into chaos, castmember…

Michael B. Jordan Reminisces About Screen Debut in 2001’s ‘Hardball’

"While we were in production, Keanu took the whole cast out to dinner and we had a chance to meet [his Matrix co-star] Laurence Fishburne. To this day, I still…

Dave Grohl: We Didn’t Let Kurt Cobain Drive Nirvana’s Van

Ahead of his new rock-touring doc "What Drives Us," the Foo Fighters frontman shares never-before-told stories about life on the open road with the iconic grunge trio: "It was f***ing insane."

‘Halston’: Exclusive First Look at Ewan McGregor in Netflix Series (Photos)

Executive producer and director Dan Minahan reveals every painstaking detail taken to ensure that the world of the iconic designer felt just right.

“I Have the Career I Started Out Wanting”: Ewan McGregor on Reviving Obi-Wan and “Going to the Extremes” to Play Halston

Able to embody both a fashion maestro and the Jedi mentor, the insanely versatile actor opens up about playing a gay icon and getting a 'Star Wars' do-over.

Hollywood Flashback: Cinerama’s Dome Debuted Before It Was Finished

As the Sunset Boulevard fixture closes amid the pandemic, film lovers are mourning the beloved structure and looking back on its six historical decades.

Hollywood Flashback: Anthony Hopkins Revived His Career Playing Hannibal Lecter

Before winning the role in 1991’s 'The Silence of the Lambs,' the actor was just about done with Hollywood.

Hollywood Flashback: Universal’s Theme Park Debuted Its Studio Tour in 1964

Universal Studios Hollywood — which reopens April 16 after a year of lockdown due to COVID-19 — has had brushes with disasters before, including nine fires since 1932.&nbsp…