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Shellie Frai

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New Kids Time-Travel Series ‘Thrifty Guide’ Gets Cover, Release Date

'Addison Cooke' writer Jonathan Stokes' new book — with a movie in the works — is a travel guide for a group of students who head to the past.

Mariah Carey Edited Out of ‘The House’ for Causing a “Shit Storm”

The singer's diva antics were "borderline abusive to our director" according to co-star Cedric Yarbrough.

From The New York Times to Twitter, How Hollywood’s Most Powerful Get Their News

While some like to keep it all in the (corporate) family — Disney's Bob Iger prefers ABC News, naturally — many others say they turn to social media (Judd Apatow cites Patton Oswalt's Twitter rants) as their go-to for staying current.

Will Ferrell Talks Improv and Gory Fight Scenes at ‘The House’ Premiere

Amy Poehler also stars in the movie, featuring appearances by Jeremy Renner and Mariah Carey, the latter of whom requested stuffed animals be brought into her trailer while she was shooting her cameo (which ultimately got cut)

12 ‘Harry Potter’ Stars, Then and Now

Twenty years ago, author J.K. Rowling first brought readers into her world of wizardry and magic.