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Seeking a Life of Art in Jewish Family Stories

In educated, middle-class Jewish homes, it’s not uncommon for the kids to boast artistic passions and ambitions. To judge by Focus Features’ Armageddon Time and Universal’s The Fabelmans, two semi-autobiographical dramas from directors James Gray and Steven Spielberg, respectively, art is a thematic centerpiece, opening up a Pandora’s box of conflicting values. An array of […]

Critic’s Notebook: ‘Marriage Story’ and the Evolution of the Divorce Film

While Noah Baumbach’s new movie has several similarities to other films about marital collapse, it also puts a bracingly contemporary and nuanced spin on the subgenre.

Critic’s Notebook: The Joker’s Unsettling Journey From Campy Villain to Serial Killer

As embodied by Joaquin Phoenix, the title figure of Todd Phillips’ new film 'Joker' differs from the Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger interpretations in crucial and unsettling ways.

Critic’s Notebook: ‘Some Like It Hot’ Turns 60, as Fresh and Frisky as Ever

Sixty years on, the Billy Wilder classic remains a prescient and provocative take on issues of gender and sexuality.

Veterans Who Act: The Theater of War

This Veterans Day, meet some of the soldiers who became actors — and vice versa — bringing unique skills to their craft... and facing unique challenges.

Tony Awards: Thespians can make it to Hollywood

Moving from Broadway to Hollywood comes naturally for theater artists with Tony Awards gracing their shelves.

Female documentary makers lauded at Tribeca

Documentaries are the perfect genre for women, says Sheila Johnson, who produced "A Powerful Noise," a portrait of female activists and one of dozens of female-helmed documentaries playing this year at New York's Tribeca Film Festival.