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Stephen Galloway

<p><em>THR</em> executive editor, features moderating <em>Hollywood Reporter</em>'s roundtable series; contributing award contender cover stories in print.</p>

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Rush Limbaugh, Radio Talk Show Host and Conservative Firebrand, Dies at 70

He swayed the right and outraged the left in more than four divisive decades on the air.

Watch Out, Hollywood: Harvey’s Coming For You

As Harvey Weinstein mounts a defense, he's likely to implicate Hollywood for knowing what he was up to and doing nothing about it.

TV’s Stormy Daniels Obsession Distorts What Really Matters

The sordid and the squalid are still given priority over anything that might shape actual lives.

Lupita Nyong’o: From Political Exile to Oscar to Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’

The actress — who has an Academy Award, beauty megadeals and two Disney franchises — opens up about her globe-trotting childhood, lingering insecurities and why she went public on Weinstein: "I…

Harassment, Scandal and the Media: Is a Hollywood Witch Hunt Brewing?

Journalism is at its best exposing wrongdoing, and at its worst repeating unverified allegations.

Why Any Movie About Trump Should Make Us Love the Man, Not Hate Him

Any filmmaker looking to explore the current president on screen needs to portray him as something more than just a pompadoured pinhead.

Paramount Seeking Studio Chief, But Who Would Want the Job Now?

Brad Grey's exit comes amid a $450 million loss, a tug-of-war with Viacom's CFO and a plan to impose a "steering committee" to greenlight movies, which may hurt the effort to recruit his replacement.

Billy Bush and the New Ethics of Entertainment Journalism

The fall of the 'Today' co-host doesn't just mean a blip in his career; it means the end of a certain kind of journalism.

Oliver Stone on Edward Snowden: “America Is Fed Bullshit and We Buy It” (Q&A)

The outspoken helmer recalls clandestine meetings with the exiled whistleblower, missing his mother's funeral to make 'Snowden' ("I would have had to cut like four days of filming. And we couldn't…

The Making of a Comedy Classic: Director Ivan Reitman Spills the Secrets Behind the Original ‘Ghostbusters’

Julia Roberts as the female lead? John Candy as a mad German? John Belushi in outer space? Those were just some of the things that could have made the iconic movie a whole lot different.

Galloway on Film: As ‘Top Gun’ Turns 30, Jerry Bruckheimer Reveals Secrets of the Film’s (and His Own) Success

Having dominated film in the 1980s and 1990s and TV in the 2000s, Bruckheimer perseveres as the last of Hollywood's mega-producers.

Russell Simmons Believes Not Just Whites Behind Hollywood Race Issues: “Self-Segregation Is a Big Problem”

The entrepreneur and philanthropist, one of the speakers at this weekend's Produced By conference, reveals what happened after he said he'd rather see Kim Kardashian as president over Donald Trump…