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Steven Zeitch

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‘Cove’ awash in controversy

A Sundance hit that had been a thorn in the side of the Japanese government during production is at the center of a flap now that it's rolling out.

He’s not missing in action

Action stars might lose their currency as they move into their 50s, but Bruce Willis keeps raking in the offers.

Opening a Cannes of worms?<sub18></sub18>

The inclusion of "Precious: Based on the Novel by Sapphire" in the Un Certain Regard section of the Festival de Cannes could stir up the ongoing legal fight over North American rights to the Lee Daniels drama.

Misher to go Wandering with Sony

hadow of the Colossus" is heading to the big screen. The colossally popular video game is being developed as a feature by producer Kevin Misher, who has the project set up at Sony. The studio's sister division Sony Computer Entertainment is behind the video game.

We’ve seen this before Do-overs are now the first item on H’wood to-do lists

The impressive opening of "Fast & Furious" during the weekend not only proves there's gas in that franchise, but it also gives fuel to Hollywood's obsession with movies based on, well, other movies.

Racing to take ‘Prisoners’

One of the hottest scripts in Hollywood right now? It's a dark thriller from a writer who signed with a major talent agency just two weeks ago but has the attachment of Mark Wahlberg and the interest of nearly every major studio in town.

Scarlet latest Tribeca twist

Tribeca Film Festival artistic director Peter Scarlet has said he is resigning just two months ahead of this year's event, the film festival world's second high- profile exit in as many weeks.


Morgan Creek is in a legal turf war with the estate of Tupac Shakur.

DreamTime ready to lens Capa’s caper

Irish DreamTime is going to war.

Uni has safehouse for more Ludlum

Universal could have a new Robert Ludlum spy.


As Lionsgate and the Weinstein Co. await the fate of their dueling lawsuits over the Sundance hit "Push," a portrait of a chaotic, even incestuous set of circumstances is emerging.

Lionsgate, TWC brawl over ‘Push’

Lionsgate and the Weinstein Co. on Wednesday filed dueling lawsuits against each other over Sundance hit "Push," providing a surreal new chapter to the battle over who owns rights to the dark drama.