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Stewart Baker

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Sony Hack Minimum Cost: Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

Cyberterror specialist Stewart Baker answers five burning questions

National Security Expert: Why North Korea Should Be Held Responsible for Sony Hack (Guest Column)

Writing for The Hollywood Reporter, cyberlaw attorney and former Homeland Security policy official Stewart Baker argues that North Korea — despite its denials — is the likely culprit and calls for action: "If we do nothing, the next attack will be worse"

Warning to Hollywood: Chinese Hackers Want Your Secrets (Guest Column)

A top cybersecurity lawyer says the Chinese are after any edge they can get, from financial details that help with negotiations to reading scripts.

The SOPA War: Why the GOP Turned on Piracy (Opinion)

For Republicans, opposition to intellectual property laws is starting to look like a political winner, and that should terrify Hollywood as it misreads where the pop-culture power base now lies.