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Stjepan Hundic

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The Streaming Age Has Turned Poland Into a Deep-Pocketed Production Paradise

365 Days probably wasn’t the film Poland was hoping would be its global calling card. After decades of art house acclaim from the likes of Andrzej Wajda (Man of Iron), Agnieszka Holland…

Romanian film event casts eye to future

The future of Romanian cinema, riding high on a wave of recent international successes, dominated talk at an inaugural round-table event titled Romanian Film Today.

Romanian cinema seizing chance

Mihai Chirilov, director of the Transylvania International Film Festival, last year predicted great things for the Romanian motion picture industry.

Romanian cinema seizing chance

Filmmaker Cristian Mungiu's Palme d'Or at Cannes win has observers taking notice of a resurgent  Romanian cinema sector.

Transylvania film fest largest yet

CLUJ-NAPOCA, Romania -- "Because I was born a vampire, I feel at home here," quipped German actor Udo Kier at the fifth annual Transylvania International Film Festival, which unspooled here June…