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Stuart Ke

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Will Oscar translate at b.o.?<sub18></sub18>

As the Oscars fade into memory, the question of glory inevitably turns to one of commerce. In this case, what, if any, global boxoffice bump can "Slumdog Millionaire" and its fellow best picture…

WB sticks to plan after Bale arrest

"I think that it will have some impact," Levin said. "To what degree I can't tell you."

High-water mark for Venice films

As the Venice Film Festival starts its second week it begins its transition into a more Italian fest as high-profile execs make the leap from the Lido to the Toronto International Film Festival…

Venice-Rome bout in early rounds

The dark rain clouds above the Lido that overshadowed the glamorous opening of the Venice Film Festival this week might have been a harbinger of troubles to come for this grand dame of festivals as…

Big dollars ‘don’t make sense’

A handful of sought-after titles, with big prices putting off those without deep pockets, and the return of concerns about a weakened dollar are having an effect on the business levels at this year's…

Euro-trashed at Cannes

The movies selected In Competition at this year's Festival de Cannes make for depressing reading for the old countries of Europe if you discount French efforts, which has "home-field advantage" when…

NTL drops bid to purchase ITV

U.K. cable firm NTL, fronted by Richard Branson, told the stock market in London on Wednesday that it is officially dropping its bid to purchase British commercial broadcaster ITV.