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Sura Wood

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Principles: Film Review

With its didactic lecturing, flat visuals and two-dimensional acting, her "Principles" doesn’t have a future outside of the festival circuit.

Eames: The Architect and the Painter: Film Review

The James Franco-narrated documentary looks at husband and wife design team Charles and Ray Eames.

A Few Best Men: Film Review

This raunchy, scatological Australian comedy makes "The Hangover" look highbrow.

Collaborator: Film Review

Actor Martin Donovan's writing and directing debut film appears to be a work in progress.

The Good Doctor: Film Review

Orlando Bloom leads this psychosexual film that is less about medicine than the banality of evil.

Child of Giants: My Journey with Maynard Dixon & Dorothea Lange — Film Review

"Child of Giants" drives home the sad fact that the childhoods of Daniel Dixon and his brother were sacrificed on the altar of their parents' ambitions.

Cast Me If You Can — Film Review

Japanese writer/director Atsushi Ogata, a maker of award-winning shorts helming his first feature, doesn't yet have a handle on pacing a full-length film, let alone one where comic timing is key.

Patagonia — Film Review

The film, hampered by a gimmicky plot device -- two women travel in opposite directions, one from Wales to Patagonia and the other reverses that journey -- is somewhat redeemed by gorgeous cinematography of far flung locations not often seen in movies, and fine performances from its cast.

Moloch Tropical — Film Review

A satirical indictment of a petty despot with a messiah complex and earthbound carnal appetites, the disjointed, sluggish script gets bogged down by a surplus of characters, glacial pacing and leaden dialogue.

Desert Flower — Film Review

“Desert Flower,” based on the autobiography by Waris Dirie, a Somali immigrant who became a top fashion model and social activist, is a moving, survival-against-all-odds story that forgoes subtlety and overlooks contradictions in favor of the larger message it strives to deliver.

White Material — Film Review

Demonstrating consummate skill, director Claire Denis is at the top of her game in this universal story of war and unwelcome foreigners.

Cairo Time — Film Review

A married woman alone in an exotic country encounters a handsome, unattached acquaintance; sparks fly. This is the slender premise of "Cairo Time," a particularly zipless entry into the love-on-foreign-soil genre.