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Taylor Ferber

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Scott Eastwood Talks American Classics, From Cars to Clothing

Scott Eastwood tells THR about his partnership with Kelley Blue Book, made-in-America clothing line and upcoming war film 'The Outpost.'

Candace Bushnell Confirms Upcoming Series Is Not a ‘Sex and the City’ Sequel

Two decades after the release of her book 'Sex and the City' in 1997 (the basis of the groundbreaking HBO series), Candace Bushnell’s latest novel 'Is There Still Sex in the City?' debuted Aug. 1, while Paramount TV landed the rights to develop an adaptation in March.

Cardi B Offers Unfiltered Business Advice to Stylists at Beverly Center

Cardi B offered unfiltered business advice to stylists at Beverly Center on Monday night. "You gotta prove to them that you got that style. You've got to keep on proving," the Grammy-winning rapper said of her journey with fashion stylist Kollin Carter.

Stylist Karla Welch Talks Sustainability, Gun Control at EMA Impact Summit

Stylist Karla Welch talks about sustainable fashion and how she tries to work with brands like Levi's to help with gun control.

Tina Knowles-Lawson, Gabrielle Union Talk Championing Black Designers in Hollywood

Notable figures — including Gabrielle Union and Tina Knowles-Lawson — opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about the need for more inclusivity in fashion as 'Black Panther' designer Ruth E. Carter was honored by the Black Design Collective.