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“You Have to Feel Sick in Order to Feel Good”: Barry Jenkins, Ethan Hawke and the THR Drama Showrunner Roundtable

In the past, a question posed to a table of creatives about the projects that each would love to tackle if only Hollywood were ready for them would be met with a laundry list of wistful responses

THR Talks: Barry Jenkins and Nikole Hannah-Jones on the Nuances of Storytelling and Trauma

The Underground Railroad director and

The 1619 Project's creator navigate nuance in storytelling around trauma and the American slavery narrative

Cirque du Soleil to Perform on Oscars

The high-concept circus act will grace the Academy Awards stage for the second time, accompanied by music from composer Danny Elfman.

Sony Apologizes for Raising Whitney Houston Album Prices

The label, which drew outrage online, says it mistakenly increased the price for two of the late singer's records on iTunes.

Oprah Winfrey to Air Whitney Houston Special on OWN

The media mogul will re-broadcast her 2009 sitdown with the late superstar during a two-hour tribute, dubbed "Remembering Whitney: The Oprah Interview," airing Thursday on the cable network.

Q&A: Bong Joon-ho

Bong spoke with THR about his directing philosophy and a Cannes entry that promises to be another package that may not be quite what it seems at first sight.