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‘Work It’ Stars Reveal What Sets Dance Film Apart From Others

Sabrina Carpenter, Liza Koshy and Jordan Fisher show off their best moves in the new Netflix dance film 'Work It,' directed by Laura Terruso.

‘The Kissing Booth 2’ Cast Says Sequel Gives Fans “Something to Remember”

Joey King, Joel Courtney and more stars of the Netflix romantic comedy also reveal how the new cast members shake up the film.

Katherine Langford and Cast of ‘Cursed’ on the “Grueling” Process of Shooting Their Netflix Drama

'Cursed' stars Katherine Langford, Devon Terrell, Daniel Sharman, Gustaf Skarsgard and Shalom Brune-Franklin spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the greater message behind their magical show and…

Jon Stewart, Stars of ‘Irresistible’ on Political Message of Satirical Comedy

Stewart takes both sides of the political spectrum to task in his second feature film 'Irresistible' starring Steve Carell, Rose Byrne, Mackenzie Davis and Chris Cooper.

‘Queer Eye’ Hosts Discuss Protests and Why “Education and Empathy Are Paramount” Now

Season five of Netflix's Queer Eye, which sees the Fab Five take on the City of Brotherly Love, a.k.a. Philadelphia, debuted on June 5 at the start of Pride Month and amid continued protests across…

’13 Reasons Why’ Cast Reveal What They’ll Miss Most About the Netflix Drama

The cast of 13 Reasons Why say fans will finally get the "answers" they've been hoping for in the fourth and final season of the Netflix drama, which just hit the streaming service.

‘The High Note’ Stars Tracee Ellis Ross and Dakota Johnson on the Inspiration Behind Their Characters

'The High Note,' now available on premium VOD, sees Tracee Ellis Ross star as fictional diva Gracie Davis alongside Dakota Johnson as her assistant, Maggie. The pair sat down with The Hollywood…

‘Space Force’ Cast Says Show Is ‘The Office’ but “Shot like a $100 Million Marvel” Movie

'Space Force' is ready for liftoff. The Netflix series, which hit the streaming service Friday, sees star Steve Carell reunite with 'The Office' creator Greg Daniels for another satirical show.

‘Space Force’ Co-Creator Greg Daniels Shares Heartwarming Story From Set With Fred Willard

As Hollywood mourns the death of Fred Willard, 'Space Force' co-creator Greg Daniels shares a heartwarming story of the actor on set.

Netflix’s ‘Hollywood’ Cast Say Show Will “Strike Significant Chord” With the Industry

The stars also opened up about the importance of onscreen representation in Hollywood today.

‘Never Have I Ever’ Cast Describes Onscreen and Offscreen Friendship: “We All Vibe Really Well”

The trio portraying onscreen BFFs in the new Netflix comedy 'Never Have I Ever' sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to play a round of their show's namesake game and reveal why the series is the…