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Tim Adler

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BAFTAs 2013: ‘Les Misérables’ and ‘Argo’ Take This Year’s Big Awards

Les Misérables won four BAFTA awards at tonight's red-carpet event in London; Argo walked away with three prizes including Best Film, with Ben Affleck clinching the award for Best Director.

Abu Dhabi 2012: ‘The Last Stand’ Foley Supervisor Shoots Down Hollywood Sound Expert Claim

Gary Hacker denies that work on the Arnold Schwarzenegger film was rushed, as Michael Broomberg previously suggested.

Abu Dhabi Festival Needs to Get Closer to City, Say Attendees

Next year's event would benefit from relocating, but most agree the ADFF's organization improved drastically this year.

Abu Dhabi Media Hub TwoFour54 Sells First TV Shows to Local Broadcasters

The state organization has found TV homes for two local unscripted formats set to shoot in November this year.

Abu Dhabi Close to Approving First Two Projects Using 30 Percent Incentive

The Emirate hopes local filmmakers will learn from visiting Hollywood productions, but other regional initiatives appear to be stalling

Hollywood Expert Criticizes Shrinking Sound Budgets for Indie Films

Veteran Michael Broomberg also says he only had eight days to work on Arnold Schwarzenegger action movie "The Last Stand," which he called "ridiculous."

Arab Cinema Could Collapse Completely, Abu Dhabi Festival Attendees Hear

Middle East turmoil and Arab TV stations not buying films are creating a perfect storm for filmmakers facing already difficult conditions.

Oscar-Winning Editor Discusses Drawbacks of Digital Editing Systems

Directors need to think more about story, says French editor Françoise Bonnot, who has worked with Julie Taymor, Roman Polanksi and Michael Cimino.

Motion-Capture Expert: Stars Risk Appearing in Simulated Porn if Data Falls Into Wrong Hands

Middle East computer-generated imagery pro Clyde DeSouza warns that Hollywood's biggest actors could wind up starring in adult films if studios aren't careful.

Abu Dhabi: Sales Agents To Become Global Distributors

International sales banners will reinvent themselves as video-on-demand global distributors, Abu Dhabi festival goers are told.

Sales Agents to Become Global Distributors, Predicts Industry Guru

Angus Finney told the Abu Dhabi Film Festival crowd "sales agents could take control of all rights" in some instances.

Film Exec: Smartphones and Tablet Screens Will Overtake Theaters ‘Within Months, Not Years’

The way people view movies on mobile devices will have profound implications for the movie industry, according to former film financier Angus Finney.