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V.L. Hendrickson

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Donald Trump Business Empire Faces Continued Fallout Post-Capitol Riot

"Trump as a luxury hospitality brand in the United States is absolutely 100% over," says a PR specialist, amid Trump Organization declines in revenue and value of its real-estate holdings

New York’s Top 15 Realtors: Agents Helping Jennifer Lopez, Daniel Craig and More Defy the Slowdown

With lookie-loos "buying for less" as the market adjusts to new "painful" realities, A-listers including Sting and John Legend unload top-market properties with the help of these elite brokers.

Why Stars Are Slipping Away From Central Park

Disney’s Bob Iger, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore have all recently unloaded pads in the area, once considered the pinnacle of success: "Now the high end is everywhere."

10 Real Estate Pros at the Top of NYC’s Market

Sales are down 25 percent in Manhattan amid a superluxury boom hangover ("a not-so-robust period driven largely by uncertainty"), but these real estate stars are still scoring eight-figure deals.