Your Couch Catch-Up. You're Welcome.

It's been a crazy-busy time in television. Here's a collection of reviews and columns.
What I do after watching television all the time.

This is what I try to tell my bosses all the time: Television doesn't watch itself. (I think they got ear plugs a long time ago.) But there's a lot of truth to that. When we get shows to review, often there are more than one (four for Game of Thrones, for example). There's infinitely more television than film. Not even close. More people watch television than movies. Again, not even remotely close. And unlike a movie that ends in roughly two hours, television has 13 or 22 hours per season. That's why your DVR is stacked with hours of unwatched shows. Multiply that by multiple shows and then again by a seemingly endless multiplication of channels and online streaming options and, well, you've got a beast that doesn't sleep. 

Here then, some stuff I've been up to recently, in addition to being up until 2 a.m. every night catching up on trying to capture the beast:


Vikings review.

Bates Motel review.

Phil Spector review.

Mr. Selfridge review.

Orphan Black review.

Game of Thrones review.

Vice review.

Mad Men review.

Rogue review.

Da Vinci's Demons review.

How to Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life) review.

Hannibal review.


The Jay Leno/Latenight Series:

Why NBC Should Be Planning Leno's Exit.

Never Mind Leno; Can You Live Without Jon Stewart?

Who Should Replace David Letterman When He Leaves? Stephen Colbert.

NBC's Leno/Fallon Video: Why It Didn't Work.

Why Should We Believe Leno When He Says He's Leaving?

The Power Rankings!

The Power Rankings! (Week Ending March 31).

The Power Rankings! (Week Ending March 24).

Industry Analysis:

Why the TV  Industry Needs Its Version Of Steve Jobs - And Fast.

A Network Promise: We Won't Cancel Shows.

TV Live Chat Transcript.