Look Back In Astonishment: What You Need To See Before Getting Deep Into 2014

For those who didn't see the planes with banners, the klieg lights or didn't come to that free-beer-and-ponies party I had, then you probably don't know I resurrected the TV Talk Machine podcast (never heard it before? - maybe better!) and have a number of plans for it (including interviewing people who I like in the industry, from series creators to actors to network and cable heads, late night hosts, etc. - just no one who is simply peddling a new project). Anyway, it will be a lot of different things.

But recently I recorded a series of podcasts that looked back (with explanations) on my Best of 2013 end-of-year lists. Why? Because television is no longer a disposable entity. There are too many high quality series for people to get to in their busy lives. Remember, some people are still discovering The Wire, for God's sake. I just knew, since I was down in Los Angeles at the Television Critics Association winter press tour (where two of these were recorded) that a TON of new shows worth your time are coming. But it's important not to let last year's best of the best be forgotten.

So, check out the TV Talk Machine. New to podcasts? No worries, just press play if you want to hear it on your computer right now. The TVTM is also available on iTunes and Stitcher and comes to life thanks to the good people who love television over at SoundCloud. So, you can subscribe easily or track it down easily.

Here's TVTM No. 4, where I talk about the Best Cable Dramas of 2013:




Here's TVTM No. 5 where I talk about the Best Comedies on Television:





And finally here's the latest podcast, TVTM No. 6, about the Best Network Dramas on Television: