The Power Rankings! Vacation Version. Wherein We Bring the Weak Stuff.

Fine, I'll give you the Fab Five in shorthand.

Yeah, so I'm on "vacation" -- what of it? True, by having this work stoppage I am, in some sad sense, bringing the weak stuff. Which is what I preach for series not to do. But hey, it's only a week. Plus, for the sake of some kind of continuity, I'm going to lay out the Fab Five for you -- for the week ending April 24. And next week, The Power Rankings! will be back to the Elite Eleven and dealing with the finale of Justified, plus other important moments in television. Until then, here's how I would have kicked off the rankings this week:

1. Game of Thrones

2. The Killing

3. Justified

4. Treme

5. Archer

We can hug this out later. But just so you know some of the reasoning, the first three essentially retained their greatness as expected and aligned exactly like the previous week. Treme is a welcome addition and its return warmed our cold little heart. And the Archer season finale was, well, Archer-esque. As noted previously, Friday Night Lights is wonderful but doesn't start hitting on the correct cylinders until the fourth episode, and that was just the second one. And yes, last week I forgot to mention that one of my favorites, Fringe, was still in contention. In any case, The Power Rankings! will be back to full form next week. 

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