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TCA GCB Panel - H 2012
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TCA GCB Panel - H 2012


Phone's whacked out, drinking wine out of a water glass like a farmer, getting pie abuse AND way behind on reviews. Great start, #TCA12

"Who doesn't like to have breakfast with Betty White." - Bob Greenblatt, head of NBC. Might be right about that.

Let the record reflect that way before Betty White Mania hit the world, she and I had drinks and a blast at some random TCA party.

By the way, Betty turns 90 in two weeks. Tony Bennett sang last night and he's only 85. So stop saying you're tired, people. #TCA12

Clip for Off Their Rockers was actually pretty funny. Old people - they've still got it. Punk'd for gray generation.

"I might go out and have a little vodka on the rocks." - Betty White's 90th birthday plans. #TCA12

"If I was lying about my age, I'd say I was 89." - White.

"I'm not going to say Robert Redford as much as you'd expect." White on "what you still want to do."

I swear if this were the waning days of the press tour, third question would be "Aren't you a little over-exposed? Maybe a little 2009?"

"Why is senior sex so funny?" Actual question. Not from me.

NBC exec session with Robert Greenblatt about to start. Guessing first question will be "You're still in 4th. What the hell?"

For the record, I did not eat the Knope 2012 pie room-dropped last night. You can't buy me with dessert, NBC. #TCA12

"We had a bad fall. Worse than I hoped for but about what I expected." - Greenblatt. Best. Start. Ever. To. TCA.

Mariska Hargitay not leaving L&O:SVU. She's given us a pre-taped bit. Probably get an Emmy nom for that...

"I failed to explicitly say that it's coming back." - Greenblatt kinda apologized for the Community thing.

"We have a long road ahead of us. So bear with us." - Greenblatt savvy enough to know that honesty works well with this crowd.

"Fourth season? I don't know. Those are really hard questions to answer." - Greenblatt on Community. Uh-oh. Not good.

Greenblatt hints that Community's fate rests with the performance of other sitcoms, including new ones we haven't seen. Not good.

Community fans - back away from the ledge! It's NBC. Lots of shows could fail to keep that one alive. Keep hope alive. And yourself.

One of the things Greenblatt admits (and always knew) is that running a network is exponentially more difficult than a cable channel.

Greenblatt says NBC is in "complete rebuilding mode." Um, does that mean there's still hope of killing Whitney?

On cable, you've got like 3 shows to greenlight, proclaim them hits, renew them. At least on pay cable. Not so on NBC.

"There's a million reasons why even the best shows don't capture the imagination of the country." - Greenblatt.

Greenblatt says old adage of "it only takes one show to turn it around" is no longer true. Maybe 4 or 5 he says. he doesn't have those 4/5.

"I learned it's going to take awhile. I already knew this." Greenblatt on what he learned from taking over NBC.

Greenblatt says Prime Suspect was biggest disappointment of early tenure/fall. Really? He did see the pilot, right?

"I'll take the high road." - Greenblatt on not bashing X-Factor even though those folks bashed The Voice.

The take-away here is that reviving NBC post-Jeff Zucker is just as hard as Greenblatt expected it to be. He's no dummy.

"I know the backlash of the laugh track." - Greenblatt on Whitney. But also: "I'm pleased with Whitney. Sigh.

"The best lead-in for a comedy on the network is The Office." Boy, that's actually kinda depressing.

"I hope Whitney will be a long-time player for us. - Greenblatt. OK, people, go ahead and jump. Ignore previous attempts to save you.

"I think some did. And I think some are in the room right now." - Greenblatt on "nobody thought Playboy Club would be first canceled."

"I think Playboy Club was just a rejected concept. You never know when you develop these things." Actually, I did know.

Btw, none of the fall shows were Greenblatt developed. They weren't his shows. Midseason more like it. Next fall a much better example.

"People like to see the snake cage and the swallowing of the bees. What can I say?" Greenblatt on Fear Factor. That was kinda funny.

Wha? Someone just asked if a show like Living Single might be something to think about. I was busy writing. Not able to hiss...

Executive session is over. Next up: More coffee.

Fashion Star, NBC:

I'm in the ballroom for Fashion Star on NBC, but only to use the wi-fi. Don't expect a lot of tweets, unless it's totally ridonkulous

Breaking: Elle Macpherson still ridiculously hot.

Ben Silverman just said "eventize." Ah, the old NBC still in his blood, I see.

Eventize, Supersize, Monetize, Downsize, Stupiddecisionsize, Implodesize, BurnConansize, 10p.m.experimentize - all NBC gems.

"You guys were always our friend when the shows were good." - Former NBC president Ben Silverman on being in front of us again.

Addendum: His shows were never very good. Hence, not in charge anymore.

The Firm, NBC:

Currently in the session for The Firm - exactly at the same time I'm trying to post the review. But it's meh, so whatever.

The Firm is pretty average but people are probably going to watch. Maybe lots of them. Never mind that it's 20-yrs old.

Someone just asked the producer why Mitch from The Firm doesn't just change his name after leaving witness protection. Laughter ensues.

Callum Keith Rennie just always looks pissed off. Of course, The Firm is no Battlestar Galactica, so maybe he should be angry-ish.

Tricia Helfer is also on The Firm, so if ratings drop, there's always the chance it goes totally Cylon and improves.

It's always awkward watching the cast of a show we're pretty much openly mocking with questions. #badsign #thefirm #TCA12

Laughs on us, though. The Firm is guaranteed 22 episodes. Called that "eyebrow-raising" in my review. Which is not posted yet.

Wow, this is getting worse. "How do you explain the pay phone?"

This session so badly needs a surprise Cylon attack. #BSGhumor #totallytrue

"You'll know how Mitch gets out of that hotel room by the sixth or seventh episode." Veena Sud, ARE YOU LISTENING?

Juliette Lewis, who is in The Firm, looks like she wants to slap the shit out of us right now.

@JohnSolbergFX Oh man, you should see this. Day 1 and it's like pitchforks and torches.

Callum Keith Rennie and Juliette Lewis were hopefully searched for weapons. They're talking (plotting?) on stage, not smiling.

"I think I'm really good in the sack." - Juliette Lewis. Pause. On her character.

Are You There, Chelsea? (NBC)

First, what, 8 questions of this panel are about the name of it. Not a good sign. Though the rest on how bad it is could also be bad sign.

Are You There, Chelsea? is going to be a great punch line for some people when NBC puts it on hiatus after third episode.

"Ballsy and brash and not PC" is not the new black anymore, dear cast.

"She's a ballsy, unapologetic character." OK, stop now please. Don't say those words again this session.

That said, I do like Laura Prepon and hope she goes on to get a lot of great roles. She's vastly underused.

"In real life I got a DUI once. I haven't gotten one since." - Chelsea Handler.

"What we want to do is make it very clear what the show is." - Chelsea Handler. No problem: It's not very good.

Panel is over for Are You There, Chelsea. It's safe to keep reading now.

Working on my second salad in hopes it seems heatlhy to outsiders and offsets Death March With Cocktails bloat. #wilyveteran #TCA12

Bent, NBC:

Room seems a little disappointed to realize we haven't seen the *reshot* pilot, with big changes. Ran on closed circuit. While we were out?

J.B. Smoove is in Bent. Dude is getting a *lot* of work, post Curb Your Enthusiasm. Loved his character.

Next up for NBC is Smash, perhaps the series Bob Greenblatt is most excited about and possibly NBC's next big thing. (Or not.)

Smash, NBC:

Greenblatt was not kidding that Smash may be biggest TCA cast sitting ever...It's like a stadium up there.

Smash is more grown-up and dramatic than Glee. But if pilot tanks, expect Anjelica Huston to toss slushies in faces of the cast.

Musical theater on Broadway and the Machiavellian stuff behind the scenes. That's Smash. Would probably be huge on Showtime. Well see on NBC

I would really like Smash to work for NBC. Because I like Greenblatt. That said, I would also really like Whitney to go away.

Uh-oh, Glee related question. Stand back.

"I don't think any of us feel like the show is like Glee, but we feel grateful to Glee for opening that door." Diplomatic! Well played!

Smash session was good. And yet, can't believe there's two more - Awake and The Voice. On the other hand, I could have a real job.

Can't wait for Awake producers to explain how it's not going to get canceled for being confusing. Stay tuned! #TCA12

Awake, NBC:

"Are we ever going to find out what's going on?" Probably not the best first question the producers of Awake wanted.

"This guy remembers everything." - Jason Isaacs. No, dude, that's Poppy Montgomery and that show sucks.

OK, Awake session is over. "The Voice" is next, then NBC has its party and is out of here. Mmmmm, party.

The Voice, NBC:

This endless clip of The Voice has Christina Aguilera in a ridiculous and unflattering push-up bra. Ridiculously unnecessary. Overkill.

Mark Burnett should at least get credit for cutting out the crappy-singer-tryouts thing that Idol does ad nauseam. That's so tired.

One day this country will have singing competition fatigue. I swear it will. #soonerthebetter #copycatbusiness

Breaking: I'm crazy bored in this ballroom.

"Sometimes we say stupid shit and it goes out on Twitter." Oh, Blake Shelton, I totally feel you on that.

There have been five or six consecutive Twitter questions. Including about drunk tweets. Though one older critic called it Twittering.

For the record, if we're gonna get uppity about drunk tweets, I quit.

Man, Prince is gonna be pissed about this clip...

"That is how it's done!" - Carson Daly. No, actually, it's done how Prince does it.

Thus ends the NBC portion of the press tour. I wish I could unhear that clip of all the judges singing Prince. #formermusiccritic #grumpy

NBC party is from 7 to 9:30. I think the cut 30 minutes off for all the nasty tweets about Are You There, Chelsea?

Also: 9:30 p.m.? What are we, the CBS demo? Thank you, I'll be here all week. Actuall, until the 16th. #TCA12

It's a bit shameful, but I was back in the hotel by 9:30, having left NBC party. Perhaps earliest exit ever - and it was quite a nice party.

The downside of these parties, as a critic, is that you always run into someone (series creator, executive) you've eviscerated.

The more packed the party, the more dangerous. You can't see them coming. Then you bump into them & they read your name tag. Awkward.


Fox TCA day about to start, with sessions for Touch and Alcatraz to kick things off. But you're either sleeping or watching football.

It's way too early for me to see Steven Tyler on any clip. Gah.

Touch, Fox:

On the other hand, Gugu is here and that erases Tyler. If you don't understand that sentence, I can't help you.

(Kiefer) Sutherland made 200 episodes of 24. About 170 of those were the best sitcoms Fox ever aired.

Touch has more raw emotion than 24, so people may forget Sutherland as Jack Bauer. Except that I'm writing this on the subnet, damn it!

Still waiting for Gugu to talk. If she doesn't, I'll have to go to the Fox party and stalk her. I mean, talk to her.

Tim Kring just said Touch is not a show about autism. Hmmm. Does that mean it's another Heroes?

Kiefer was born in London? Did I know that? I mean, I totally knew Gugu was from Oxford, but that's just more obvious.

24 movie starts shooting end of April, beginning of May. If that's of interest to you.

Oh, Lord, Kiefer just told some story about a wildebeest getting stung by a bee setting things in motion and...more coffee!

Kiefer appears to be wearing a hoodie. No doubt so he can roll off the stage, get a few shots off, have Chloe get a car and escape us.

Or at least all of our questions about a show he's no longer doing.

Not that you care, but on Wednesday CBS will roll out the crappiest, most mailed-in, most derisively anti-TCA day possibly ever. Can't wait.

Fox series Alcatraz is now in session. J.J. Abrams is here, so it must be a big deal. I see Alcatraz every day, so it's no big deal to me

Cast definitely took the tour of Alcatraz and got to go where the gen pop isn't allowed. You mean, there are more spooky places in it?

So far, and thankfully, nobody in the cast nor J.J. Abrams has used the term, "The Rock." Let's keep it that way, people.

I want Alcatraz to succeed because, you know, it's Alcatraz. And despite flaws, there are way worse shows coming midseason.

SF doesn't need the tourist promotion from Alcatraz, but the exterior shots always help. If you go, sail around Alcatraz for the views of SF.

"Before the pilot, I started boxing." - Sarah Jones, co-star of Alcatraz. Just FYI.

Sam Neill, like Kiefer Sutherland on the panel before him, just got metaphysical. I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH COFFEE FOR THIS, PEOPLE.

Fox executive session with Kevin Reilly starts now. "I'm going to be watching the Giants game throughout the session."

Fox is planning an Adult Swim type block for Saturday nights. Finally.

This isn't exactly how I thought this session would go. Lots of tech talk. Where's the New Girl gloating?

Looks like Fox will definitely drop House, but they'll do it gently. With a hug, not a kiss-off. But decision hasn't been made yet.

Uh-oh. Not a ringing endorsement of Terra Nova coming back.

"Creatively it was hunting." - Reilly on Terra Nova.

Also not a ringing endorsement for Steve Jones as host for X Factor. "Whether Steve is the guy or not..." Oh, that's not good, Steve.

Reilly says there will be changes on X Factor, but doesn't know what they'll be. Nor does Simon. Well, I doubt that. He knows for sure.

"I expect Idol will be down this year." Reilly says. Mostly because it's an older show.

"When the audience is bored, we'll know it's over." Reilly on the saturation of singing shows on TV.

Somewhere the Terra Nova people and Steve Jones are ordering really heavy mimosas.

"More and more you can see the audience is going to a DVR pattern." - Reilly. That's why he likes live sports and live reality shows.

"We will not be making any more Allen Gregorys." - Reilly. More mimosas!

Glee is down 19 percent, Reilly said. BUT THAT'S NOT ENOUGH, PEOPLE!

"We lose a lot of money on the show....We're not in the business of losing money." Reilly on Fringe. Translation: Dead.

"We're going to put the Terra Nova, House and Fringe people in a room...." Reilly, laughing about delayed decisions. Well, he's laughing.

Reilly says no spin-off for Glee, but the characters will graduate and Ryan Murphy will do something great for them. Like kill them?

Maybe Kevin Reilly really did want to put off these difficult decisions as long as possible and will ultimately save one (Terra Nova?)...

...but if there wasn't any doubt about them coming back, he would have endorsed them without hesitation. Hesitation is death in this town.

Napoleon Dynamite, Fox:

Decided lack of questions in this Napoleon Dynamite session. Hmmmm.

It could be that Napoleon Dynamite is the new Allen Gregory. And that ain't good.

Twitter people want me to ask this panel two questions, apparently. 1) Why? 2) Really? OK, hunting for microphone...Nah. Why rub it in?

Relevance-wise, Napoleon Dynamite is the animated version of The Firm. Or Prime Suspect. Or something too nostalgic to be of interest.

Next session is Fox's animated version of Home Alone.

Jared Hess said he picked up the Napoleon Dynamite name on his Mormon mission, not from Elvis Costello.

The Finder, Fox:

The Finder is a Bones spin-off and this will probably annoy some people but I've always thought Bones was meh, so I don't watch now.

Creators and stars of Raising Hope, New Girl and Breaking In will be next panel. Trying to figure out why Breaking In is included.

I love Raising Hope. More people should watch that. Garret Dillahunt and Martha Plimpton are here. My underrated comedy duo.

This will please @nprmonkeysee but I want the New Girl people to shut it so the Raising Hope people can talk.

OK, wait, who asked the Breaking In people a question after the New Girl people rambled on for 10 minutes? Come ON.

"I'm adorkable." - Megan Mullally. OK, well played.

"April is going to be rape month on Fox." - Liz Meriwether. That's out of context but, well, it's all over now...

For the record, Martha Plimpton said Garret Dillahunt needed a break from "all that raping and killing" his other characters got into...

As Burt on Raising Hope, Dillahunt is finally getting his comedy break. And he's masterful as the dim bulb dad. Watch the show, people.

Wait, wait, WAIT. Breaking In is still on the air? Whuck? Is that why they're here?

Whether he's trying to or not, Raising Hope creator Greg Garcia's sideways glances at the New Girl people look slightly perturbed/dismissive

"I just pulled it right out of my ass yesterday morning." - Megan Mullally on her table reading for Breaking In.

"Now they're scared." Dillahunt after Plimpton mockingly/jokingly went after a person clueless about the show.

"Don't ask Plimpton anything - she'll bite your head off." - Martha Plimpton.

Hey, how come the I Hate My Teenage Daughter people aren't on this comedy panel, Fox? #sarcasm

"Alright, first of all, fuck you." Greg Garcia to his son who said New Girl was the funniest show on TV.

Greg Garcia's 11 year old son thinks Schmidt's tiny nipples on New Girl are hilarious. A great, awkward story...

They are making and passing out mini-burgers for the Bob's Burgers session. Nah, saving it for Pie N' Burger. This is amateur hour.

American Idol session is up next. Earning a paycheck now, people.

Ooops, Bob's Burgers is not having a session. Just making burgers.

There was a technical failure introducing American Idol. Simon Cowell in the house?

Randy Jackson is shouting for us to "give it up." I just threw up all over the table.

"I like to juggle balls." - Ryan Seacrest. Oh, wow. Really.

Producer says he's never seen Randy Jackson get stuck for words. Funny, I've never actually heard him say anything of interest. Get stuck!

Jennifer Lopez in a bright orange dress is just kind of unfair on like eight different levels.

In case you're wondering, Tyler's teeth look just fine now.

I'm a little uncomfortable dissecting these American Idol quotes like we're on the White House lawn.

"I've gotta call my lawyer." - JLo when she's told there's a Spanish telenovela based on Maid In Manhattan. Best quote yet.

"What am I wearing? Orange." - J. Lo, answer question from someone who is *not* in TCA, just so you know.

These meanies from American Idol don't like The Voice. Why do you lash out, Randy? Why so much hate?

I'm wondering if Jennifer Lopez drove out to Pasadena in a Fiat 500.

Every time JLo moves her hand, stuff blings and it rings out through speakers.

Steven Tyler just confirmed that the rest of Aerosmith is indeed alive.

American Idol session just ended. Fox day is over. The drinking lamp has been lit.

Somebody needs to take these Fox sour gummies out of my room.

Also had to throw out the Knope 2012 pie tonight. But the show still has my vote.

Tim Tebow/Broncos winning today means I can't watch ESPN for three weeks, minimum.

I just rewatched Rob from CBS. I'll take that medal now.

Oh, hey Twitter. I was watching a bunch of bad shows, skipping TCA sessions and eating at Pie N' Burger. Will watch Justified to cleanse.

The CBS schedule for TCA is like some kind of punishment. They are well and truly trying to hurt us.

Mike & Molly, Two and A Half Men, 2 Broke Girls, Undercover Boss, Rob. Alright, alright, I give. Stop the torture. Why the hate?

I wonder if NYC 22 or whatever CBS is calling it now is actually good, which is why they're not sharing it with us. Die, critics, die!

Decided to skip unofficial Cougar Town drink-a-thon in favor of inadvertently hurting other people's feelings, aka "writing."

I walked 4 miles today. Two of them were to get a burger. The other two were to buy wine. Priorities, people. #feelthepride


ABC's executive session is about to start. So, like, I should wake up.

"So, what did you think of Work It?" - Paul Lee's opening remarks for ABC.

Lee keeps calling his shows "sticky."

And he's confused me. "It's sexy, it's sticky it's more-ish as the Brits say. You just want more of it." What about Moorish? Coffee!

I've dumped Work It into the moors.

"I used to be a pirate when I ran a show and now I'm kind of the Navy." Oh, Christ, get that coffee out here. I don't understand any of it.

"On broadcast, it's not the kind of word you want to use in the title." - Lee on "Bitch"...

Used to have shows called Don't Trust the Bitch In Apartment 23 and Good Christian Bitches.

Paul Lee on CBS's CSI : "A good show well marketed."

Lee had a lukewarm reaction to whether Work It will come back. That's a start.

Lee's first job was on a Brazilian soap in Rio. File that under, "Did not know that. Hmmm."

Good Christian Belles or GCB as it's called now, may have more trouble with the religion aspect than it formerly having bitch in the title

More stickiness from Lee. Thats' a web word, of course. But he's also a lingo lover, so it makes sense.

Cougar Town is coming back in March. Strange vibe - Lee like's Bill Lawrence's pluckiness, doesn't seem super high on the show.

"Grey's came roaring back." It did? Interesting. I'll never know.

I give Lee high marks for rolling with the Work It bashing. He's non-plussed. Not endorsing it, not ripping it.

Tea leaves on Work It: He's going to let it fade into the bin of bad memories. Won't be renewed.

Lee says that there are obviously strong women on ABC but won't agree that ABC skews female. More male leads coming. Like Work It?

Stunner: Lee says Pan Am is still alive. Whuck?

Lee said it was a really strong attempt to revive Charlie's Angeles. Bwhahahahhaha. Oh, I love this guy.

Lee on Pan Am: "There's such a feeling of good will toward that show." Um, not in my house.

I thought Pan Am had gone down in the moors and was lost forever. It was not "more-ish" for me. Now, more coffee. I'm underserved.

"Yes it is in the cards." Revenge could uproot from the Hamptons and go elsewhere.

I told you there just weren't enough people to kill in the Hamptons.

"A quick Dancing With the Stars questions." Noooooooooooo.

I don't think there was a Bachelor question but Lee endorses it heartily anyway. Now *there's* a sticky show. And icky, too.

Glad I'm not the only one: Co-worker asks is Paul said anything coherent about Cougar Town. He did not.

It could be the British accent, but I think Paul Lee just successfully sounded like he said important things for 30 mins, but really didn't.

Don't Trust the B In Apartment 23:

Next up: Don't Trust the B---- In Apartment 23. I already hate typing that title.

Oh, so it's Don't Trust the B In Apartment 23. Anyway, I liked the pilot.

One of the actors said "lukewarm applause" when cast was introduced. Nobody told him we don't clap. Only ABC people in the back do.

James Van Der Beek plays himself on the show, and it's pretty funny. He's a good sport about it and the character takes off.

Apartment 23 stars Krysten Ritter, better known as Jesse's girlfriend who chokes on her own vomit in Breaking Bad.

"I'm an evil bitch." - Krysten Ritter on her character, succinctly.

Her co-star is Dreama Walker, which if you think about it, is a pretty ridiculous name.

No, seriously, Dreama is kind of ridiculous. Especially when you say it out loud. Dream-a. Do it!

Every time I look at Krysten Ritter on stage, I think she's about to steer Jesse to the dark  side and it makes me angry. #breakingbad

For everybody who keeps saying "add the TCA12 hashtag" well, sorry, sometimes it doesn't fit. And 1,265 of mine from here don't have it.

Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 could definitely be sticky.

You know how this show ends after five seasons? Krysten Ritter chokes on her own vomit and...fade to black.

When you say Apt 23 creator Nahnatchka Khan's name really fast, guess what song pops into your head?

"I lived with an ex-boyfriend who would take the last $5 out of my wallet, so that was a bad roommate." - Ritter. Talking about Jesse?

"Women behaving badly is funny to me." - Khan. Yeah, when she writes it. But not on Are You There, Chelsea?

"If Holly Golightly and Satan had a child, it would be my character." – Ritter

Would like to see more episodes of Don't Trust the B In Apartment 23. Good pilot, good session with cast...

The River:

Next up, The River. AKA, Don't Trust the River, Bitch.

Is The River the new Lost or just another Flash Forward? Or something else - like a drama that doesn't go past 8 episodes?

Steven Spielberg is involved in The River - probably like he's involved in Terra Nova, Dark Skies and the 9 others that have his name.

Producer says there's longer arcs "For those people willing to lean forward and pay attention." Dude, that only happens on cable.

"You can go as scary as you want as long as we care about the people." ABC's marching orders to producers.

What we've learned here is that apparently Steven Spielberg doesn't sleep. Also, that he's a ghost. "I think he's here" says a producer.

I envision Spielberg has a high-tech hideout where his 19 affiliated TV producers send him dailies while he's making two feature films.


GCB, as Good Christian Bitches turned Good Christian Belles has become, is, like Desperate Housewives, completely not my thing.

"I don't think it's a send-up at all." - GCB creator Robert Harling. Oh, dear, I definitely thought send-up. Hmmm.

I apparently have completely misunderstood GCB if there aren't "superficial" elements to it.

Wha? A Swingtown question!

"Everybody knows Oklahoma women are nicer than Texas women." - Kristin Chenoweth, stirring things up earlier.

So, did Neko Case steer me wrong about women from Bowling Green?

Dear @goodyk, is it too early to light the drinking lamp? I mean, it is the Death March With Cocktails, not a Mormon mission, right?

@goodyk What was that Fox session where they served booze at like 10 a.m.? On a Sunday, I think.

Downton Abbey had like 5 billion viewers. That's what I hear. Awesome - loved it.

Next up for ABC, the comedy showrunners panel, featuring The Middle, Suburgatory, Modern Family and Happy Endings. And Work It. (kidding!)

The Middle, an underrated series, has its people sitting in the same seats as the Raising Hope people. It's the neglected seats.

And, strangely enough, Modern Family gets the New Girl seats and Happy Endings gets the Breaking In seats. Ooh, parallels that make no sense

OK, one more time: WHERE IN THE HELL ARE THE WORK IT SHOWRUNNERS!? This comedy panel is a fraud.

I hope to God that CBS doesn't have a Rob, 2 Broke Girls, Mike & Molly, and Two and A Half Men comedy panel.

Every year ABC makes its microphone runners wear white gloves. So weird. They look like Mickey.

@tvoti I really liked Aliens In America, too. Don't hog the glory!

All of this bashing of multi-camera sitcoms (which I also don't like) and every network desperate to have them for cash flow purposes.

Digression: Syfy is beefing up its unscripted department (five hires). Shouldn't that effort be made in the scripted dept? Duh?

By the way, there absolutely must be a moratorium on "comedy is NOT dead" features/columns going forward. Or backward five years s well.

"Next week Lily says 'fuck'" - Steve Levitan on a big "reveal"

Aha, nailed it! Lily is one "l" not two. Everybody else, I want to see corrections.


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