TV Talk Machine Podcast: Wrapping Summer, Unwrapping Fall



Well, the fall season is officially under way. With Sleepy Hollow premiering last night and a string of other shows going this week (including Dads and Brooklyn Nine Nine) before the whole larder is dumped on our heads, I thought it might be time to revisit the TV Talk Machine podcast. You might remember that I brought it up from the ashes in July, then promptly went to Los Angeles and disappeared amongst the booze, shrimp, spin and pandering of the Television Critics Association summer press tour.

Ah, but now it’s back. (No, seriously, you just need to click that SoundCloud link and it'll play.) But this bookended iteration of the one posted in July is really the end of the “soft launch.” The next time you hear the TV Talk Machine podcast it will either be with me and fellow Hollywood Reporter television writer Allison Keene (who covers most of the unscripted fare for us), or me interviewing actors, writers, producers or industry executives that I like and respect. That last part is important. The podcast won’t be a place for someone to pitch their latest project. I don’t care about that – unless it’s the work of someone I truly respect. The goal of the newly revamped TV Talk Machine podcast is to keep a pulse on what’s currently worth talking about or what’s riling up the zeitgeist (that’ll be Allison and I), or to let really interesting people in the business talk about what they do.

Before that happens, however, this version is just me trying to talk about the fall season we’re all about to watch – catching you up from the network and cable series that came to and had interview sessions at the TCA press tour and through the big cable summer series that are still on.

If you can slog through it with me, you’ll find out a little bit about every show that will air this fall. And then after you’re all caught up, a time will come when the real launch of TVTM bigger, better, faster more – happens and comes your way. Stay tuned.


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