First Look At 'Moone Boy' Season Two Trailer From Hulu (Exclusive Video)

My No. 1 comedy of 2013 is back for its second season on Hulu starting April 24.

Completely out of nowhere, Moone Boy became my favorite comedy of 2013 -- ending up in the No. 1 year-end slot. I started to evangelize its coming-of-age goodness to anybody who would listen and went out of my way to sell it hard to both John Landgraf of FX and Ted Sarandos of Netflix.

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Hey, great shows are on every platform so why deny yourself the pleasure of it just because you don't own it? In this trailer for season two, it's pretty clear all the attributes that hooked me in the first place are back. If you haven't seen the series, you can still watch the trailer with no spoilers. The premise is simple: a young boy in Ireland has an imaginary friend. That imaginary friend is Chris O'Dowd.

Check it out below: