'24: Legacy' Prequel to Premiere Monday in Virtual Reality

'The Raid' is presented by Fox and Samsung.
Courtesy of Samsung
'The Raid'

A prequel to 24: Legacy debuts Monday in virtual reality.

Presented by Fox and Samsung, The Raid is a six-minute VR prequel directed by 24: Legacy executive producer Howard Gordon working with Here Be Dragons (formerly Vrse.works), the VR studio co-founded by director Chris Milk.

In 24: Legacy, which debuts after the Super Bowl, an elite squad of U.S. Army Rangers led by Sergeant Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins) have killed terrorist leader Sheik Ibrahim Bin-Khalid. In the aftermath, Bin-Khalid’s followers declared a fatwah against Carter, his squad and their families, forcing them into federal witness protection.

Set nine months before the series begins,The Raid puts viewers at the center of Carter's raid. Viewers also meet CTU director Rebecca Ingram (Miranda Otto), who is directing the mission.

The Raid  launches today and may be viewed with Samsung Gear VR headsets or online in 360-degree video.

The Samsung and Fox partnership additionally includes 24: Legacy product placement, social content and an event at Samsung 837, the brand’s New York-based flagship tech center.