3D Society Renamed to Encompass Ultra HD and Other New Technologies

The organization will operate under the new moniker International 3D and Advanced Imaging Society.
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The International 3D Society has announced that while 3D remains its "top priority," it is expanding its name and mission to address Ultra HD TV, laser projection and other emerging imaging technologies.

“New advances in display technologies to enable features such as autostereoscopic (glasses-free) 3D and high dynamic range will require information and education to prepare our creative community,” said society vice chairman and chair-elect, Michael DeValue, director of advanced technology at the Walt Disney Studios, in a  statement. “The Society can play a valuable global role in making that happen.”

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The organization -- now called the International 3D and Advanced Imaging Society -- represents professionals from 60 companies in more than 25 countries worldwide and has chapters in the U.S., China, Japan, Korea, the European Union, the U.K. and Canada.

Though nine of the 10 highest-grossing films so far this year were released in 3D, the format has struggled with ESPN deciding to discontinue its 3D channel and the BBC ceasing its 3D testing for the home market.

"Obviously ESPN and BBC stepping back is a disappointment," admitted Society president Jim Chabin. "But it doesn't affect our overall confidence that 3D is part of the home [entertainment] future.”

He added that the Society is optimistic about the potential of glasses-free 3D displays for the home and opined that it could become the "killer app.” Stream TV Networks, in partnership with Chinese manufacturer Hisense, plans to begin rolling out glasses-free screens before the end of the year. And Dolby 3D glasses-free 3D technology is expected to make its way into consumer products in early 2014.

The Society was founded in 2009 by companies including Sony, DreamWorks Animation, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Panasonic and Samsung.