4D Cinema Firm CJ 4DPlex Takes Aim at Virtual Reality Market With Simuline "Merger"

CJ CGV 4DX Theater - H 2013

CJ 4DPlex, the Seoul-headquartered provider of 4D cinema systems with moving seats and environmental effects such as wind and water, has announced plans to "merge" with Simuline, a Seoul-based business that develops motion simulators for entertainment venues.

The combined company, which will operate under the CJ 4DPlex moniker, plans to expand its business to include virtual reality and other areas of the attraction industry. Additional details of the planned transaction were not immediately provided.

CJ's 4DX 4D cinema system is currently installed in 314 auditoriums in 42 countries. In the U.S., that includes a site at L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles. Simuline was founded in 1996 and has supplied motion chairs to 4DX since CJ's inception in 2009.

“The merger between CJ 4DPlex and Simuline is to lay the groundwork to strengthen 4DX’s global business," CJ CEO Byung-Hwan Choi said Thursday in a statement. "We will accelerate our pace towards global expansion and broaden our business to include the theme park and attraction entertainment industry, going beyond the 4D cinema market.”