Inside the Music of 'A Star Is Born' With New Hollywood Reporter Podcast 'Behind the Screen'

A STAR IS BORN Still 1 - Publicity -H 2018
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Just in time for awards season, Behind the Screen joins The Hollywood Reporter's podcast lineup.

Hosted by THR tech editor Carolyn Giardina, this new weekly podcast series, which launches Tuesday, will turn the spotlight on acclaimed cinematographers, editors, production designers, composers, VFX supervisors and other leading artists who will take listeners behind Hollywood’s most-talked-about award contenders.

The series debuts with A Star Is Born production sound mixer Steve Morrow, who offers a unique behind-the-scenes look at recording Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, as well as shooting at live concert venues such as the Stagecoach and Glastonbury festivals.

Cooper and Gaga wanted the film to sound as if it was a live concert, which posed some unique challenges. “In Glastonbury, we went in there thinking we had eight minutes to film, but the festival was running late so they only gave us three,” Morrow says. “We wanted to shoot three songs. … We decided to play 30 seconds of each song.

“The idea at the beginning of the process was that we wanted to capture everything live — all of their performances, all of their singing,” he continues. “Basically the crew was getting a Lady Gaga show. She was playing Ally, she was in that character, but the crew got to hear her, basically singing a cappella, every day, since the music wasn’t amplified in the room.”

Behind the Screen joins a THR podcast lineup that includes It Happened in Hollywood, hosted by THR senior writer Seth Abramovitch and Emmy-winning TV writer and comedian Chip Pope, which opens the THR vault for each episode to revisit an indelible moment from 90 years of entertainment history; and Awards Chatter, Scott Feinberg's in-depth interview show that also focuses on talents of the Oscar and Emmy seasons. Awards Chatter has been downloaded more than 9 million times since launching in 2015. Other podcasts are in the works.

Giardina has spent her career delving into the art and science of filmmaking. She is a recipient of American Cinema Editors’ Robert Wise Award, which recognizes a journalist for contributions to film editing, and the International Cinematographers Guild’s Technicolor William A. Fraker Award, for journalistic contributions to cinematography.

Hear it all below on Behind the Screen — and be sure to subscribe to the podcast to never miss an exciting episode.