Adobe Launches Stock Film Fest to Demonstrate "Resourcefulness" Amid Pandemic

Adobe Premiere Pro Auto Reframe  - COURTESY OF ADOBE - H 2020
Courtesy of ADOBE

Software developer Adobe is getting ready to launch its first virtual Stock Film Fest, which was formed amid the novel coronavirus pandemic to demonstrate "resourcefulness, innovation" and that "creativity never stops, regardless of circumstance."

Adobe selected an international group of indie filmmakers, photographers and artists to participate. Each was given five days to make a short film entirely out of Adobe Stock assets. Adobe Stock is a royalty-free stock footage and photo library available on Adobe’s Creative Cloud, along with its tools such as Photoshop and Premiere Pro.

The participants include Anthony Gaddis, Daina O. Pusi?, Daniel Koren, Graydon Sheppard, James & Monica, Jasmine McCullough, Kelsey Rath, Pablo Fusco, Taylan Yilman, Thomas MacVicar, Vivek Vadoliya, Yukihiro Shoda and Zae Jordan.

"In the selection of the filmmakers for the festival, Adobe aimed to showcase a wide range of styles," according to Adobe. "As a result, the Adobe Stock Film Fest features creations from filmmakers across the globe, including Japan, Croatia, Turkey, Israel, Canada and U.S."

The shorts will begin streaming July 15 on the event website and on YouTube.