Oculus Connect: 'Alien,' 'Life of Pi,' 'Birdman' Among Fox Titles Coming to Virtual Reality Devices

Best Male Lead

Michael Keaton won the award for his soaring turn in Birdman.

Alien, Life of Pi and Birdman will be among the first 100 titles from Twentieth Century Fox made available for the newly announced Oculus Video application, which was unwrapped on Thursday at the Oculus Connect 2 developers conference in Hollywood.

Fox and Lionsgate were the first Hollywood studios announced as having partnerships with Oculus to provide Hollywood movies with Oculus Video, which is a sort of extension to the Oculus Cinema mobile app, aimed at allowing users to watch movies and other video in a virtual movie theater environment.

“VR Cinema is a new way of presenting our movies, and has the opportunity to bring in mass-market consumers to virtual reality. With Oculus Video, we are leveraging the scale and flexibility of mobile, while continuing to deliver a powerful, emotional experience for consumers," said Mike Dunn, president of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

The Fox Innovation Lab has already been exploring the potential for VR. Its first project was a VR experience based on Fox Searchlight’s Wild, and it is currently working on one based on Fox’s Oct. 2 release The Martian.

Now, it's prepping movie titles per the Oculus partnership, which will be available on digital HD and VOD on the Oculus Store.

Additional titles planned for availability include Gone Girl, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Taken, The Maze Runner, The Wolverine, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Black Swan, Cast Away, Die Hard, Predator and Office Space.