American Cinema Editors Elections: 'Avatar' Editor Stephen Rivkin Re-Elected Board VP

Ed Abroms re-elected treasurer; Hoy, Koehler, Lovejoy and Tent earn board seats.

American Cinema Editors has re-elected board officers Stephen Rivkin, who earned an Oscar nomination for Avatar, as its vice president; and Ed Abroms, an Oscar nominee for Blue Thunder, as its treasurer.

The election results were announced by ACE president Alan Heim Tuesday evening during a board installation celebration held at Pivotal Post in Burbank. Heim, who won an Oscar for editing All That Jazz, has another year in his term as president.

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Newly elected or re-elected board members include Maysie Hoy, Bonnie Koehler, Stephen Lovejoy and Kevin Tent.

Kate Amend, Charles Bornstein, Mark Helfrich, Allan Holzman, Michael Ornstein, Sabrina Plisco, Jason Rosenfield and Howard Smith were named associate board members.

Doug Ibold, an Emmy nominee whose credits range from Law & Order to Magnum P.I., was voted an ACE life member.