Academy Adds 6 Members to SciTech Council

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Christopher Polk/Getty Images

The Science and Technology Council of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has added six members, bringing the council’s 2018–2019 membership roster to 25. 

The new members are David Ayer, Rod Bogart, Theo Gluck, Leslie Iwerks, Colette Mullenhoff and Jeff Taylor.

Ayer is a director, producer and screenwriter whose credits include Bright, Suicide Squad and Fury. He is a member of the Academy’s directors branch.

A member of the VFX branch, Bogart is an imaging science technologist who has worked for such companies as Industrial Light & Magic, Pixar and HBO. At ILM, he helped develop core technology used in the Academy Color Encoding System (ACES).

A 28-year veteran with Walt Disney Studios, Gluck is director of library restoration and preservation. He is an Academy Member-at-Large.

Director-producer Iwerks earned an Oscar nomination for the documentary short Recycled Life and is a member of the Academy’s documentary branch.

A member of the VFX branch. Mullenhoff is a R&D engineer at ILM. In 2014, she was recognized with an Academy Technical Achievement Award for her contributions to the ILM Shape Sculpting System.

Taylor is chief engineer of postproduction at Universal Studios, where he invented MediaSeal, and is a member of the Academy’s sound branch.

The council co-chairs for 2018–2019 are Wendy Aylsworth and VFX branch governor Craig Barron. 

The council’s 17 other returning members are Academy president John Bailey, Nafees Bin Zafar, Maryann Brandon, Rob Bredow, Annie Chang, Bill Corso, Douglas Greenfield, Rob Hummel, Andrea Kalas, Academy governor John Knoll, Ai-Ling Lee, Beverly Pasterczyk, Cary Phillips, Douglas Roble, Leon Silverman, Academy governor Michael Tronick and Steve Yedlin.