Anti-Piracy Technology Links Consumers With Legitimate Services

Anti-piracy technology company Verance has introduced an upgrade to its Cinavia content protection system that is aimed at pointing viewers of pirated movies to legitimate digital movie services.

Cinavia Level 3 was developed to both address the multi-billion dollar piracy problem and drive more legitimate business.

Verance's existing content protection system identifies and blocks unauthorized content by using an audio watermark embedded in soundtracks and that can be detected in consumer electronics devices. The new Cinavia Level 3 adds a component that would offer the user a way to obtain the blocked movie from a legitimate digital retailer.

“It fosters a thriving ecosystem for paid digital content and, by delivering more compelling entertainment offerings, creates a seamless and penalty-free transition for casual consumers of pirated movies to the growing array of digital movie services,” said Verance CEO Nil Shah.

Findings in a 2011 study commissioned by Verance suggest that more than a third of U.S. viewers of pirated films would accept a convenient, affordable offer to acquire content from a legitimate outlet integrated with their movie viewing device.

Verance projects that this year in the U.S., supported consumer electronics devices including Blu-Ray players will screen 157 million viewings of pirated movies and block the playback of those protected by its technology.