'Arrested Development' Emmy Nominees: The Bluth Story 'Not Over'

"Arrested Development"

Jason Bateman gained a nomination for playing Michael Bluth on the Netflix revival, but the series failed to dominate in the comedy series categories like House of Cards did on the drama side.

On Thursday morning, creative arts Emmy nominees for Arrested Development received congratulations from series creator Mitch Hurwitz and talked with The Hollywood Reporter about the creative freedom of making the Netflix season and the future of the Bluth family.

For editor Kabir Akhtar, who was nominated with co-editor AJ Dickerson, "it wasn’t 15 half-hour episodes, it was one eight-hour show."

"When you’re working on a 'regular' show, you have air dates every week. We had the entire time as one giant project,” he explained, noting that this factor was critical to the series, for which each episode is told from the point of view of a different character. As a result, many scenes appear in more than one episode — in fact, parts of a scene that takes place in a penthouse appears in nine of the 15 episodes.

Since this meant constantly going back and making changes to prior cuts, Ahktar admitted, “We would have been stuck if some of the episodes had aired already [so we were fortunate] to have the flexibility."

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Talk continues of another season — or possibly a movie — of Arrested Development. "The Bluth story is not over. ... Our season set up something -- a season or movie, depending on what they do."

Akhtar said he would like to return for more, as did nominated composer David Schwartz.

 "There is nothing that I worked harder at and had more fun with," Schwartz said.

He noted that he changed the theme music slightly in each episode this season, to reflect each individual character. For instance, the episode told from the point of view of Michael (Jason Bateman) got a horn section.

"I wish the show had also been nominated," Schwartz said, adding "We always had incredible creative freedom from Mitch ... and Netflix was incredibly supportive."

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