ARRI Alexa Upgrade Supports ProRes 4444 XQ

The popular ARRI Alexa digital cinema camera — recently used on productions including Maleficent, Godzilla and Captain America: The Winter Soldier — is gaining support for Apple ProRes 4444 XQ.

ARRI announced Monday morning that Alexa XT cameras and Alexa "Classic" cameras with the XR module will have ProRes 4444 XQ capability (both HD and 2K resolutions) when the next Alexa software update goes into an open beta test period in July. Final release is scheduled for August. 

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Said ARRI product manager Marc Shipman-Mueller: “Up until now, the ProRes 4444 330 Mb/s version has been the workhorse of professional filmmakers using the Alexa. ProRes 4444 XQ has a higher target data rate of 500 Mb/s that makes it the ideal choice for postproduction that requires visual effects processing or extreme color grading.”

ARRI also recommends ProRes 4444 XQ for high-end mastering and archiving.

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