ARRI, Canon Among Engineering Emmy Recipients

ARRI Alexa 65 - H 2014
Courtesy of ARRI

ARRI Alexa 65 - H 2014

ARRI Alexa cameras, Canon 4K zoom lenses and Fujinon 4K zoom lenses are among seven technologies that will receive Engineering Emmys during the 69th Engineering Emmy Awards, which will be handed out Oct. 25 at Loews Hollywood Hotel.

Also during the ceremony, which will be hosted by Criminal Minds star Kirsten Vangsness, the Charles F. Jenkins Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to Leonardo Chiariglione, who, as founder and chairman of Motion Picture Experts Group, led the international organization in setting standards for digital video compression and transmission. Additionally, Sony will receive the Philo T. Farnsworth Corporate Achievement Award.

In addition to the aforementioned awards to ARRI, Canon and Fujinon technology, Engineering Emmy recipients include Disney Global Localization, a system that allows for foreign language dubs and subtitled versions to be efficiently created and released globally; the McDSP SA-2 dialog processor, a tool for television sound mixers; and Shotgun Software, for its production management system.

The seventh Emmy will go to High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), a compression system enabling delivery of Ultra HD content over multiple distribution channels. This Emmy will be awarded to the Joint Collaborative Team on Video Coding, a group of engineers from the Video Coding Experts Group of the International Telecommunication Union and the Moving Picture Experts Group of the International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission.

For ARRI, the Emmy announcement comes during its centennial year. A 100th anniversary celebration will take place Thursday night at the American Society of Cinematographers Clubhouse in Hollywood.