As CES Approaches, Stream TV Networks Focused on Glasses-Free 3D

The company is helping Sky 3D preview "David Attenborough's Natural History Museum Alive 3D" and has hired 3D producer Duncan Humphreys.

All eyes will be on Ultra-HD developments at the International CES in January, while 3D will likely be sidelined. But one company hoping to keep 3D in the foreground is Stream TV Networks.

The trailer for a new 3D documentary fronted by veteran presenter Sir David Attenborough is being shown at London's Natural History Museum starting Tuesday on displays using Stream TV's glasses-free 3D technology, which will be demoed at CES.

The special, David Attenborough's Natural History Museum Alive 3D, features animation of a number of exhibits housed in the museum. Produced by Colossus Productions, which is a joint venture of Sky and producer Atlantic Productions, the project was shot on Red Epics and posted by Onsight at 5K resolution. It will have a TV, theatrical and Imax 3D release.

Broadcaster BSkyB, which will air the show on New Year's Day, has chosen to promote the program by showing its trailer on 50-inch 2160p glasses-free 3D displays provided by Stream TV. It's significant backing for a technology that Sky, arguably the world's leading stereo 3D broadcaster, has been reluctant to endorse until the viewing experience was of sufficient quality.

Stream TV is preparing to launch its autostereo (glasses-free) 3D technology, and The Hollywood Reporter previously reported that the company was also planning to fund a series of 3D sports events.

In the U.K., the company has made a high-profile hire in Duncan Humphreys. The former creative director at CAN Communicate and a key member of the team that delivered 25 soccer matches from the 2010 FIFA World Cup in 3D has been named Stream TV's head of broadcast U.K. and Europe. His responsibilities include sports and other content, including documentaries, working with National Geographic.

Steam TV won't be the only autostereo technology on display at CES. Dolby will be on hand with its Dolby 3D glasses-free 3D technology.

Also, Florida-based developer Izon is set to debut its line of glasses-free 3D LED TVs at the show, with plans to have 32-inch, 47-inch and 55-inch models available by the second quarter.