Women in Animation "Supports and Celebrates" Change Amid John Lasseter's Exit

John Lasseter - 2016 Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit - Getty - H 2017
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Following Friday's announcement that John Lasseter is officially exiting his post as chief creative officer of Pixar Animation and Walt Disney Animation, the non-profit Women in Animation said it "supports and celebrates" what it sees as change in the industry.

Last fall, as the #MeToo movement began, Lasseter took a leave of absence after an admission of unspecified "missteps." Allegations of misconduct followed.

"The world changed last fall because courageous women spoke up," WIA president Marge Dean said in a statement. "'Misconduct' is no longer tolerated in the workplace and the safety of all employees has become a priority for our industry. Women in Animation supports and celebrates that change with the expectation that it will encourage retention of women in the animation workforce."

Since last fall, WIA has led several iniatives to addess this issue. Among them, it partnered with several independent animation studios owners to pledge zero tolerance for harassment in the workplace.

The second WIA World Summit is set to take place Monday in conjunction with the Annecy International Animation Festival. Topics will include diversity and inclusion.