ASC Reveals 2019 Doc, TV Cinematography Nominees

Legion-Publicity Still 5-H 2019
Suzanne Tenner/FX

The American Society of Cinematographers revealed its documentary and television nominees for the 34th annual ASC Outstanding Achievement Awards, which will be presented Jan. 25 at the Ray Dolby Ballroom in Hollywood.

The ASC Documentary Award was inaugurated this year to recognize cinematography in nonfiction filmmaking. The nominees are Fejmi Daut and Samir Ljuma for Honeyland, Nicholas de Pencier for Anthropocene: The Human Epoch and Evangelia Kranioti for Obscuro Barroco.

Legion leads the TV categories with a nomination apiece for cinematographer Polly Morgan, a rare female nominee, and Dana Gonzales.

The complete list of nominees follows.


·   Fejmi Daut and Samir Ljuma – Honeyland
·   Nicholas de Pencier – Anthropocene: The Human Epoch
·   Evangelia Kranioti – Obscuro Barroco

Episode of a Series for Non-Commercial Television

·   David Luther – Das Boot, “Gegen die Zeit” (Episode 6) (Sky)
·   M. David Mullen, ASC – The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, “Simone” (Amazon)
·   Chris Seager, BSC – Carnival Row, “Grieve No More” (Amazon)
·   Brendan Steacy, CSC – Titans, “Dick Grayson” (DC Universe)
·   Colin Watkinson, ASC, BSC – The Handmaid’s Tale, “Night” (Hulu)

Episode of a Series for Commercial Television

·   Dana Gonzales, ASC – Legion, “Chapter 20” (FX)
·   C. Kim Miles, CSC, MySC – Project Blue Book, “The Flatwoods Monster” (History)
·   Polly Morgan, ASC, BSC – Legion, “Chapter 23” (FX)
·   Peter Robertson, ISC – Vikings, “Hell” (History)
·   David Stockton, ASC – Gotham, “Ace Chemicals” (Fox)

Motion Picture, Miniseries, or Pilot Made for Television

·   John Conroy, ISC – The Terror: Infamy, “A Sparrow in a Swallow’s Nest” (AMC)
·   P.J. Dillon, ISC – The Rook, “Chapter 1” (Starz)
·   Chris Manley, ASC – Doom Patrol, pilot (DC Universe)
·   Martin Ruhe, ASC – Catch-22, “Episode 5” (Hulu)
·   Craig Wrobleski, CSC – The Twilight Zone, “Blurryman” (CBS All Access)