BBC Completes Virtual Reality Experiment for Oculus Rift

The BBC newsroom was filmed using a 360-degree camera set-up.

The BBC is experimenting with the potential of virtual reality for Oculus Rift and other such VR goggles, completing a test in its news room.

“We have started to test out its potential and working with a small production team in London called Visualise, have done a few basic pilots,” Cyrus Saihan, head of business development for BBC Future Media, wrote on a BBC blog post. “Using a 360 degree camera set-up, we filmed our newsroom, live editing gallery and [BBC TV presenter] Fiona Bruce in the studio – we then ‘stitched’ together the various images to create a virtual reality experience that could be viewed on an Oculus Rift device.”

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The purpose of the test, he explained in the blog post, was “to test out the technology and see if we could make our users feel as if they were actually there in person, part of a program and able to experience what it feels like to be behind the scenes during a news broadcast, in the studio sitting in front of a newsreader whilst they are on-air and in the center of our bustling London newsroom.”

Those with Oculus Rift developers kits who would be able to view this content, can download the experiment for the PC or Mac.

Related, the BBC's R&D department is also exploring the potential of offering immersive object-based sound from a standard set of headphones.

Hollywood studios such as Fox, game developers and other businesses are also experimenting with VR for Oculus Rift and other such goggles.

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