'The Breadwinner' Team Developing 'Daughter of Bells' Film (Exclusive)

Daughters of Bells Still 1 - Publicity - H 2018
Courtesy of Aircraft Pictures

On the heels of Academy Award-nominated The Breadwinner, Toronto-based Aircraft Pictures has again teamed up with Breadwinner screenwriter Anita Doron to develop an animated feature titled Daughter of Bells.

Aircraft will co-develop and co-produce the film with Wasabi Entertainment, the original content division of Relish Interactive (Weirdwood Manor).

The Breadwinner was an international co-production between Aircraft, Ireland's Cartoon Saloon and Luxembourg's Melusine Productions. Aircraft's co-founder Anthony Leo is Oscar-nominated as producer of the film, which earned the Annie Award for best independent animated feature; Golden Globe and Critics' Choice nominations; and animated feature honors from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association and the Toronto Film Critics Association. For her work as a screenwriter on The Breadwinner, Doron was nominated for an Annie Award for best screenplay and a Canadian Screen Award for best adapted screenplay.

Daughter of the Bells will be produced by Leo and Andrew Rosen for Aircraft and Paul Pattison and Sacha Raposo for Wasabi.

According to the producers, the story of Daughter of Bells begins with an attack on the fictional city of Cadenza that sees all inhabitants turned to stone — save one brave girl named Brio, who sets out on a quest for help. Brio's encounters with the rhythmic tribes of the Madrigal Desert lead her on an journey of musical discovery as she searches for the key to restoring life in Cadenza and creating harmony for all. The initial concept was created by Anna Earley and Russ Uttley of Wasabi.