CES: Dolby to Unleash Enhanced 4K 'Dolby Vision' With Partners

LAS VEGAS -- Prior to the start of the International CES, Dolby proposed an expanded technical blueprint for HD, 4K (Ultra HD) and over-the-top online applications that is not just about providing more resolution but also higher luminance, wider color gamut and higher dynamic range.

And this week at CES, prototype "Dolby Vision” televisions will be unveiled by manufacturers, including Sharp and TCL. Additionally, Amazon (Amazon Instant Video), Microsoft (Xbox Video), Netflix and Vudu hope to deliver movies and TV shows in this format once there are TVs in the market and content mastered and graded in Dolby Vision.

Regarding the latter, Dolby senior director of broadcast imaging Roland Vlaicu told The Hollywood Reporter that one movie has already been completed in Dolby Vision, and the company expects to see 20 to 25 new movies completed in the format over the next year.

He added that Dolby is working with various studio and key postproduction houses to "build up a library." To do this, Dolby is providing the post houses with a plug-in to allow their color grading systems to accommodate the spec and also a prototype professional reference monitor.

Dolby's business model is to build a complete system that includes ways to create, encode and deliver "Dolby Vision." It intends to license its system to set makers and other partners.

The TVs are expected to be available for retail purchase later this year.

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