CES: Fox Developing 'Planet of the Apes' Virtual Reality Experience

At a CES reception, it showed a teaser for the film as well as an augmented reality prototype based on 'Alien: Covenant.'
20th Century Fox

Twentieth Century Fox's Fox Innovation Lab is making a Planet of the Apes-themed virtual reality experience with Imaginati Studios.

The VR production — which was teased with a short VR clip during a CES reception — will be a first-person experience in which the viewer becomes an ape who encounters the last remaining humans. The clip is set in the forest near a campfire, as the viewer comes face-to-face with Koba, the antagonist from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

The VR project will be based on the Planet of the Apes franchise, rather than on one specific movie, though presumably this will be released midyear, as Fox's War for the Planet of the Apes is scheduled to open July 14.

Fox Innovation Lab is the studio's research and development center for advancing technologies such as VR. Earlier this week, it announced plans to create an Alien: Covenant-themed VR experience, working with Ridley Scott's RSA Films. That will be the second collaboration between Fox Innovation Lab and RSA. They previously teamed on The Martian VR Experience, an interactive VR project that was unveiled last year at CES and was released to consumers last fall.

During its CES reception, Fox Innovation Lab also gave guests a peak at two exciting prototype augmented reality experiences. The first, based on Alien: Covenant, lets the viewer face the alien. (This project is a collaboration with mixed reality firm Trigger in Santa Monica.)

The second is a sort of virtual program guide that allows the viewer to select and watch content such as sports or series. Both AR prototypes were demonstrated using AR headsets from Osterhout Design Group, a San Francisco-based developer of AR and VR smartglasses, for which 21st Century Fox is an investor and strategic partner.