CES: Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Helps LG Launch Web OS-Powered Ultra HD Smart TVs

LG G Flex Phone - P 2013

LG G Flex Phone - P 2013

LAS VEGAS -- Netflix CEO Reed Hastings appeared at LG's International CES press conference on Monday to support the launch of LG Ultra HD Smart TVs powered by its WebOS, which will allow 4K content from Netflix to be streamed straight to the home and onto an LG Smart TV.

Hastings noted that this will allow consumers to "stream in real time shows such as House of Cards that are filmed, mastered and edited in 4K. That will work this year."

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More than half of LG's 2014 Smart TVs will support WebOS, including all of its Ultra HD (4K) TVs, supporting early 4K delivery services from companies such as Netflix.

LG will launch 12 new Ultra HD TVs ranging in screen size from 49 to a whopping 105 inches. It will also include 77-inch curved OLED displays.

Another highlight of LG's press conference was the unveiling of G Flex, a curved and flexible smart phone. This combines a 6-inch curved OLED display with a "longer lasting" curved battery. Said LG's Frank Lee: "This allows customers to hear, hold and view better. The curved shape allows audio to be improved because the phone is the contour of your face. And it provides a better grip."

G Flex will debut in the U.S. during the first quarter of this year and will be available through Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile.

Other key CES trends underscored at the LG press conference include wearable tech, with the launch of a new Lifeband Touch, an activity tracking wrist band.

LG is also looking to develop "the most important Internet of Things platform in the world," with the new LG HomeChat, a single, streamlined platform to connect all devices in the home.

"Now we have individual apps for each smart thing around us and we have to work through complicated steps to learn more than a simple function. Is this smart?" asked LG president/CTO Skott Ahn. "LG HomeChat is a simple way to talk to all devices."

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